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You need to find out the code that is bringing in the check engine light. To do this- under the dash on the drivers side to the right is a computer connector. Turning the key on and shorting out the top right connectors will cause the cooling fan to start and the check engine light to flash. It will read a code 12 3 times( count the flashes with a small delay beween each flash followed by a long delay) followed by the fault repeated 3 times. Your question is too vague to have a good response to. Any number of things could bring in an alarm- O2 low, MAF,EGR operating,TPS low or high voltage,etc. I suggest you find the code and ask another question. You might find the answer is in the code.

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Q: Could it be the air pump or is it more likely to be something else 1985 Corvette runs rough when it is cold and check engine light comes on?
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