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Could it hurt to pee if you are pregnant?


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2015-07-15 21:26:04
2015-07-15 21:26:04

I can't say for sure it isn't a sign of pregnancy but probably it's a beginning Urinary Tract Infection. UTI's can be common while having vigorous or prolonged sex. Maybe you're trying hard while trying to get pregnant? I have had that twice in three months of trying to get pregnant. Drink lots and lots of water and cranberry juice.


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it is a urinary tracts infection, or you hurt where your pee comes out

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Well, Its Not Likely That Your Actually Pregnant If Your On Your Period, But If You Still Feel Like Your Pregnant Yea Go Ahead And Pee On Stick..What Could It Hurt?

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I am pregnant i am nine weeks and i fell form tow storie . Could my be hurt.

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Not sure ask your doctor could be bad kidney not sure

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