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Reducing your risk of chronic disease is what type of health benefit

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Conditions and Diseases

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Q: Could lyme disease be the cause for my golden retreivers face and ears to swell?
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Why are golden retreivers so friendly?

'Cause over the years only the friendly ones have been allowed to breed.

Does lyme disease cause body odor?

It could but this is not a symptom of the disease.

Does french kiss cause any disease?

A french kiss doesn't cause a disease,but it could cause you to get sick if the person your french kissing with is sick.

What disease can kill you in 2 weeks?

Depression, technically it is now considered a disease and could cause being suicidal therefore could kill in 2 weeks. My point is any disease could kill you in 2 weeks depending on it's effects on you. Many disease cause problems that could lead to death eg osgood schlatters (the bone growing faster than the muscle, basically extreme growing pains) can cause weakness in the legs which could cause falling over. If you fell and hit your head you could die. No disease is guaranteed to kill you in 2 weeks but and disease could kill you in 2 weeks. Bu that's not what you wanted me to say so to make you happy, lung disease could kill you within 2 weeks if you were run down as pneumonia can be caused by lung disease

What is uncovertebral disease?

could it be cause by injuries

Can a pie have a disease?

No, a pie cannot have a disease, because it is not a living thing. Only living things such as plants, animals and people can have a disease. However a pie could be contaminated with something that could cause a disease. For example, a cream pie that is not refrigerated could spoil and if eaten would cause someone to get very sick.

Which non infectious disease can lead to blindnesskidney disease and amputation?

Diabetes could cause all of that and more.

Is bleeding teeth could cause heart valve disease?

No way, no how. They may have common causes, but bleeding teeth simpily can not cause heart valve disease.

How can one become infected with crones disease?

The actual cause of Crohn's disease is unknown, although people who smoke have a higher chance of contracting the disease. Therefore, smoking could be considered a cause of the infection.

What could beer cause?

Beer can cause liver disease, malabsorption, chronic pancreatitis,etc. Its common cause is cancer.

Does copper IUD cause pigmentation?

The copper IUD does not change pigmentation. If you have an excess of copper (WIlson's disease), the disease could cause change in pigmentation, and the IUD could worsen that. Talk with your health care provider about your particular situation.

Is Lyme Disease deadly to humans?

yes, cause neurological issues and could cause permeant problems.

What can cause loss of fur but there is no itching?

Could be canine cushings disease

The first person credited with proving that bacteria could cause disease was?

Louis Pasteur

What is the name of the gum disease that plaque could also cause?

i have no clue?

What computer disease could cause sore shoulders?

any really

Name 4 reasons that could cause cardiovascular disease?

poorness of nutrition,smoking,and lack of physical exercise. also second hand smoke may cause this disease.

How runoff water could pollute streams and rivers?

It could cause fatal disease if not handled carefully!

What could cause gorillas to become extinct?

Hunting, habitat destruction or disease.

Could gum disease cause high white blood count?


Can a man be infertile after having a kid?

It could be possible; for example, disease can cause it.

Is there a disease that could cause blindness andor deafness over night?


What could cause a black mark on the left side of your tongue?

isn't that a disease?

What could cause a dog to be off balance?

Inner ear disease or a stroke.

Why does a shortage of transmitter substance could can cause alzheimers disease?

jaja yes