Could pain in the lower right side of the back that radiates to the right front hip bone be a sign of pregnancy and if not what other symptom could it be?

You feel all sorts of pulling and cramping when your pregnant, later in the first trimester, as your ligaments stretch. Felt like period cramping to me. Now I've had kidney stones three times, most recently this July. This was the first time I did not pass it. It was too large. But all three times I had the same type of pain. Excruciating the first two, as I pased the stones, with vomting, etc. You'll know if this is the case because you won't want to be anywhere but at the hopital. Now this third time, it was 8 mm in the lower pole of right kidney. Couldn't go anywhere so the pain would come and go...for 3 weeks as it floated upward, blocked duct then "popped" out of the opening. I was told this was valve toggling or some such description. The lithotripsy would have been a God send if I could have scheduled earlier. Your doctor could see most calcifications on xray (take PG testy first, obviously) if nothing shows, he'll do an ultrasound, may be gallbladder. But don't put it off, it can and usually does get worse with both situations. Hope this helps!