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It could be.

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Is it a symptom of pregnancy for your breasts to be sore and turn a mottled strange color?

I know that your breasts will become sore and your nipples and the skin around them will change color.

If your breast hurts around the nipple area and sides of your breasts are you pregnant?

This is a pregnancy symptom, however it is also a symptom that your period is about to arrive. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

Are sore swollen breasts with tingling nipples and dark circles around the nipple itself an early sign of pregnancy?


At what stage in pregnancy do your nipples hurt?

it was my boobs that hurt more than my nipples in the beginning. around four to five weeks pregnant the base of my breasts ached to the point of massaging them to make them feel better.

Can you be pregnant if you have heartburn cramps bloated gas nausea dizziness and your breasts hurt and you have little bumps around your nipples but you're never hungry?

Yes you could be pregnant. There pregnancy symptoms.

Is an early sign of pregnancy sensitive nipples two weeks before your period and slightly raised blue veins around them where you have never had these symptoms before and breasts are slightly fuller?

yes that is a symptom, nipples do become sorer and veins more noticable, though this could mean many things gte a test to fid out for sure, if you ar pregnant you will strart to notice the areola around your nipple to become a darker colour, hope everthing turns ot right for you

Does pregnancy change the color of your nipples?

The rings around your nipples are what change in colour and are due to the changes in the hormones that your body is creating.

Are sore nipples and an increase in libido a sign of pregnancy?

It can be. If you are having symptoms that are unusual for you around the time of your period, then yes, they can very well be signs of pregnancy. Common symptoms women notice when they are early in their pregnancies are: Nausea, sore breasts and nipples, increase or decrease in appetite, increased urination, more emotional, breakouts, and an increase in cervical mucous.

How can you tell if you're pregnant or not?

The best and most reliable way to find out if you're pregnant or not is to take a pregnancy test. These can be bought from a pharmacy or supermarket, or can be done at the doctor's. A pregnancy test can be taken 3 weeks after sex.Some other symptoms of pregnancy are:Missed periodHeadachesFeeling/being sickNeeding to pee moreCertain smells/foods/colours making you feel/be sickExhaustionMoody and emotionalSore/tender breastsFood/smell cravingspregnancy test!you can do a pregnancy test at your doctor. if you don't want to be tester, missing 2 periods in a row is usually a sign of pregnancySome symptoms include not havening your period/being late, morning sickness, growth of belly(then you would now) and i got this off of a web site: A missed or a delayed menstruation cycle is the most reliable symptom of pregnancy. Implantation Bleeding is the earliest symptom of pregnancy. This happens about eight days after the conception resulting in spotting and cramping. Swollen/Tender Breasts is another early symptom that can be seen after 1 or 2 weeks of conception. Many women may notice that their breasts have become tender to the touch or have turned sore. Fatigue or a feeling of tiredness that may begin within the first week of conception is also a early pregnancy symptom. Nausea/Morning Sickness is another well known symptom that may show up after about 2 to 8 weeks after conception. Lower Backaches is another early symptom of pregnancy. Frequent Urination occurs after 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy and is very common symptom of pregnancy. Darkening of Areolas or the skin around the nipples. Food Cravings for certain kinds of food indicates a presence of pregnancy and can last throughout the period. Rectal Bleeding. go here for an online pregnancy test:

What pregnancy symptoms would you have 3 days before missed period?

Symptoms can vary from woman to woman, as well as from pregnancy to pregnancy. Usually the first symptom is increased breast sensitivity. You may feel they are a lot heavier/nipples darker/raised lumps around nipples or just generally painful to touch. You may also feel more tired than usual.And from experience, your mood flips and changes erratically!

Around your nipples are getting darker and viens are starting to show What is this a sign of?

uh pregnancy

If you have white spots around your nipples and the hole in your nipples has gone bigger with white around the outside could you be pregnant?

i don't think these are pregnancy symptoms. Maybe you should talk with your doctor

Can constipation sore tummy sore nipples and a darkened area around them be a sign of pregnancy?


How soon after pregnancy do nipples become itchy?

For some people they get itchy nipples as early as 2 weeks after sex. But for most people that doesn't start until around 6 weeks of pregnancy. It's different for each woman.

Does rubbing toothpaste on breasts make them bigger?

Yes, this is true, you can rub toothpaste all around on your breasts or just on the nipples and in time, they will increasingly grow larger, maybe a cup or so.

Why are your breasts sore you are an older women they have been sore around the nipples and breast area for about 1 week now.?

Your getting old.

Are bumps around your areolas a symptom of pregnancy?

Yes but a lot of women naturally have bumps around their aerolas. Wait until your period arrives.

Are your breasts supposed to be tender when your around the time of gettting your period?

its very common though not everyone experiences this as a pms symptom, many do. its perfectly normal

Where are the nipples on hamsters?

The nipples are around her tummy

You just noticed a darkish brown circle halfway around your right areola and a lighter circle around your left areola nipples have been sore past few days are these pregnancy signs?

I have just noticed the same thing except they are both the same color...dark brown circles around my areolas. Along with extremely sore breasts, mood swings that make my fiance nuts, and on and off you have any other these aside from sore breasts?

Well you missed your period around the time you were supposed to get it you took a test and it was negative but that was only a week and a half after implantation your breasts an nipples are sore?

What are you asking exactly?

What if there are no pregnancy symptoms?

For some women it takes a while for pregnancy symptoms to appear. Usually around 8 wks pregnant symptoms appear. Typically your first symptom is missing your period.

Is breaking out around your neck and chest part of being pregnant?

It is not a symptom of pregnancy. Although it is not uncommon during pregnancy though. Try using an anti-breakout acne-wash to help.

What age are your nipples supposed to grow?

Your nipples should be growing as you grow, this includes your breasts. There is no exact age although usually around your early teens they should start to develop and then stop usually late teens. Although as I said there is not set in answer.

Is a change in nipple color a pregnancy sign?

The area around the nipple does change in pregnancy , the breasts get bigger before this symptom though. Pregnancy isn't the only thing that cause's that though. Many things can change the could or the areola such as diet's , being ill and many other things . You should get more obvious signs of pregnancy before the colour change of the nipple. I would suggest you go to your GP or family planning clinic for a pregnancy test though if you do suspect your pregnant. Hope this helps , Kimberleigh !