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Could pain in your lower abdomen and testicle be linked to Strattera?


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Yes. I had the same thing happen to me. I was checked for a hernia by four separate doctors (not fun), had my prostate checked (even less fun), and was told flat out that they had no idea what was wrong with me. I stopped taking Strattera, and the problem went away almost immediately, along with a number of related side-effects. It seems to be very, very rare, and is not officially documented anywhere, but I've found enough brief personal anecdotes online to make me believe that its true.

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I also suffer from significant testicular pain upon taking Strattera. To test this, I stopped taking the medication and it went away immediately. I stayed off of Strattera for four days and had no pain. Last night before bed I took Straterra and awoke to significant testicular discomfort this morning.


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Testicle pain could be something as simple as a bruise, or it could be something potentially dangerous like a torsioned testicle that occurs when the testicle wraps and tangles the various ducts and vessels it is connected to inside the sac.

As long as blood is pumping through the testicle then it should have a pulse, the left testicle should have a pulse too.

Any bump or knot on the testicle need to be looked at by a doctor. Could be nothing, could be cancer. Go to the doctor, ASAP.

When I first took strattera 40mg for the first I could feel slight dizziness like if you drank 3 beers.

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You should see a doctor. The testicles produce sperm and testosterone, if something is wrong then in the future you could have fertility problems and/or extreme pain. Its better to be safe.

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A Testicle should NEVER swell! If either of yours is swelling, see a Doctor immediately!! It could be Testicular Cancer which can kill you!!

According to the Mayo Clinic, testicle pain could be a result of a hernia, kidney stones, injury, blood vessel inflammation, urinary tract infection, or a variety of other causes.

Most often a bump on a testicle is a cyst, called a varicocoele, which is harmless. However it could be more serious and its important to have a doctor check it out.

Testicular pain is a very rare (and mostly undocumented) side effect of Strattera. If you have testicular pain it could be another medical problem such as an STD or epydidymitis or if it is the left testicle and very painful it could be what is called a testicular torsion. However, myself and others have experienced testicular pain from taking Strattera that can range from mild to extreme. No doctor will believe you, but stopping the Strattera should take care of the pain in a few days. If it doesn't, seek a medical professional's opinion. EDIT: I don't think the person who wrote the answer above knows very much about strattera. Testicular pain is not an uncommon side effect of the medication. I have heard that side effects should subside within a weak, but that is not from experience and only from a number of anecdotal reports. In fact, some people have mentioned bad withdrawal symptoms lasting weeks but most people don't seem to have this problem.

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If it is on the side or bottom of the testicle, it could be a sign of testicular CANCEr and should be examined by a Dr immediatly. If it is at the top of the testicle and you have one in teh same place on both testicles it is PROBABLY the attachpoint of the testicle & normal. But your Dr should be consulted

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Any change in the size of a testicle should be taken to a doctor. It could be something simple like a swelling from an infection. See Related Links below.

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It could be very dangerous,even fatal. Don't mess with pills.

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