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How long after stopping Strattera does the testicular pain go away?

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Testicular pain is a very rare (and mostly undocumented) side effect of Strattera. If you have testicular pain it could be another medical problem such as an STD or epydidymitis or if it is the left testicle and very painful it could be what is called a testicular torsion. However, myself and others have experienced testicular pain from taking Strattera that can range from mild to extreme. No doctor will believe you, but stopping the Strattera should take care of the pain in a few days. If it doesn't, seek a medical professional's opinion.

EDIT: I don't think the person who wrote the answer above knows very much about strattera. Testicular pain is not an uncommon side effect of the medication. I have heard that side effects should subside within a weak, but that is not from experience and only from a number of anecdotal reports. In fact, some people have mentioned bad withdrawal symptoms lasting weeks but most people don't seem to have this problem.

2010-12-16 15:17:51
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What symptoms are experienced when stopping Strattera?

Not everyone experiences symptoms when stopping Strattera. Those who do have symptoms may have headaches, irritability, fatigue, and depression. The symptoms don't usually last a long time, but may appear for a week or two while the body adjusts to the change.

How long does it take Strattera to get out of the system?

How long does it take Strattera to get out of the your system?

When I was at the doctor he told me that I have anxiety and ADHD and he sead that I must go on Strattera it worked but it was to expensive to go on it for a year can Strattera be given as chronic?

Sure, most drugs can be prescribed for extended periods of time. Certainly antidepressants (Strattera is a failed antidepressant) are prescribed as such. No studies have examined the long-term effects of Strattera, and therefore it is not recommended that Strattera be used in the long-term. In fact, the Strattera drug information specifically states,"Strattera is not for long-term use." Be careful with drugs like Strattera (antidepressants in general): their specific effects on the brain and their long-term effects are not well-known. These drugs can permanently alter your brain chemistry and cause a variety of secondary effects (for which you'll be prescribed more medications). Of course, this is just my opinion, and it is based on anecdotal evidence. Be cautious.

Can you take Valium with Strattera?

I've tried a benzo with a Strattera once and it was ok... not sure about long term use though, I only did it once.

How long do the withdrawal symptoms of Strattera last?

I only took stratterra for three weeks before increasing side-effects forced me to end taking it. Two days after stopping it I suffered a continuous severe headache for two days.

How long after stopping Strattera do the side effects go away?

This may not be extremely helpful, but for my boyfriend... he has been off for almost 6 months and is still suffering from sexual side-effects. He is doing much better with sleeping, eating, and being in a good mood. The sexual side of things is awful and no doctor can give us a straight answer as to when/if it will get better.

How long does Strattera stay in your system?

It seems to last about 6 hours.

Can Zoloft and Strattera be taken together?

Yes, Zoloft and Strattera can safely be taken together. Zoloft is used to treat depression and anxiety; whereas, Strattera is used to treat forms of ADD and ADHD. As long as the directions provided by your doctor are followed correctly, there is no problem with it.

When does the patent on Strattera expire?

The patent expires in 2017. You don't have all that long to wait.

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How long does it take for your adrenal glands to work after stopping prednisone?

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How do you take your child off of Strattera?

Just stop the medication. It lasts a long time in the system (up to 6 weeks) so it's not like you're stopping cold turkey. Wait a week at least before you restart another medication at a lower dose than usual.

How long can the gear be at D when stopping?


Do the side effects of Strattera go away over time or will whatever side effects that are present after 3 weeks be permanent as long as the drug is taken?

: Depending on the side effects you are experiencing from Strattera, some may reoccur each time you take the drug, while other may subside with time. I took Strattera for 6 weeks, and my heartburn did not go away so I stopped taking it. Strattera seems like one of those drugs where the side effects actually do occur and some are more extreme than the others. Im going to say that for the most part the side effects will most likely not go away. But for example if you get headaches, you could take some kind of aspirin, or Tylenol. (if your doctor approves) or maybe you just get used to it and it doesnt bother you, but from what I've seen the side effects are reoccuring and vicious. hope this helps*************

How long will Strattera stay in your system for a drug test?

Strattera (atomoxetine) has a half-life of three to four days. This means it has a steady state of about 15 days. This is about normal for most drugs. As far as how long it treats ADD/ADHD symptoms, it seems to last about six hours. Strattera affects hyperactivity and impulse control by reining it in by treating chemicals in the brain and nerves that cause those conditions.

What are the side effects of discontinuing Strattera in adults?

I am not sure what happens for long periods of going without since being on Strattera; but have found that when I miss a day of my two doses of 40 mg each (80 total/day) I end up cranky and with a headache. If I am not mistaken, Strattera is a drug that you have to slowly come off of.

How long should you wait to get pregnant after stopping Mirena?

There is no need to wait to conceive after stopping Mirena or any IUD. You can get pregnant immediately after stopping without concerns about safety.

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Does it cost extra to have Strattera compounded into a liquid and is that covered by insurance?

It usually does cost a little extra to have Strattera compounded into a liquid, but as long as you have prescription insurance, compounding is often covered. As a pharmacist, I compound strattera into a liquid formulation at a relatively low cost and submit the claim to the patient's insurance to give the patient the maximum cost-effectiveness.

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