Could the Holocaust have been prevented?

After the end of WW1, the league of nations could have imposed more reasonable sanctions against Germany and actually have followed through with their requirements that Germany not be allowed to rebuild a military. Those two things would have most certainly avoided the Holocaust.

First, more reasonable sanctions would have allowed Germany to actually provide for the financial needs of it's citizens. Unhappy citizens ended up following a mad-man who promised to make things better. His proposed methods were extreme, but Germans believed that extreme methods were required in such an unacceptable economic environment.

Second, if the league of nations would have actually followed through and prevented the buildup of the German military, Hitler would not have been able to gain any credibility regarding the promises about taking over Europe.


The above is off topic. It is about how World War 2 in Europe might have been prevented and doesn't specifically relate to the Holocaust.

Once the war was under way, stopping the Holocaust was extremely difficult.

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Denmark proves that an active resistence by a nation was a viable option.


The Danes did not engage in 'active resisteance'; moved most of the Danish Jews to safety ... They did not 'stop the Holocaust'. In any case this kind of thing was easier in Denmark than in most other countries. The Danish government was semi-collaborationist until 1943 and the Danish population had an easier time under Nazi rule than, for example. the Poles.

If the Germans weren't sheep and realized they were being fooled it wouldn't have happened.


The Holocaust took place very largely in a region that was far removed from the Allies for most of World War 2 - Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus ...

The above comment ('If the Germans weren't sheep ... ') is monumentally insulting about ordinary Germans. If they were fooled, then they didn't didn't know what was going on. It also displays a complete failure to understand what life is like in a police state.

Ordinary Germans were not informed about the genocide, and the Nazi regime went to considerable lengths to keep the Holocaust secret ... Obviously, word got out and many in Germany had some idea of what was happening, but very little detail.


There is no clear cut answer to this question.


- the German citizens appeared to do nothing, but that is because they feared for their own life if they refused.

- the Allies could have got a move on and pushed into Germany quicker

- the US could have pulled the finger out BEFORE Pearl Harbour and done something more substantial in the European Campaign.

However, this is all with the luxury of hindsight! At the time, little was really known about the sheer scale of deaths of the Jews, Romanies (Gypsies) and other victims of the Nazi Regime. his is just a brief summary of points really. The main point that you need to know in answering this question is, WE have the luxury of hindsight! We can see NOW the things that the leaders/citizens should have done to prevent these atrocities, but remember, there was a different mindset and set of ideas all of 60 years ago. Read into the ideas of politicians at the time, not just on what has been written since.


In concrete terms, it is very hard to envisage what 'prevention' would have looked like. A roar of disapproval from Congress would not have prevented the Holocaust.