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im not an expert but it might be the wheel bearing seals not the bearings, if thos pop out then the wheel bearing grease will leek on the roter and start smoking and may catch on fire.

I would say either your brakes, or there's some part of your wheel well or mud flap hitting your tire, maybe something is loose or your suspension is worn and is allowing your tires to make contact with the wheel well.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-14 11:32:28
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Q: Could the bearings cause a weird grinding sound like rubber on rubber when you brake although the tires seem OK?
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What causes a grinding noise under the car?

that could be a variety of things, wheel bearings, u joints, rear end...

If your car is swaying back and forth and making a loud grinding noise in the rear what could this be?

Sounds like wheel bearings.

What causes a low grinding sound near the Alternator when turning the Van off?

The bearings on the alternator could be going bad. Remove the belt from the alternator then spin the alternator by hand to listen for grinding.

What would a grinding rubbing noise be in the front tires of a 1994 Chevy lumina APV?

It could be brakes, bearings or something else altogether.

What could cause a popping - grinding noise when turning a Windstar?

Possible causes of popping/grinding noises when turning:Wheel bearingsCV joint / axleBrakesSee "Related Questions" below for more

What would make a humming or grinding sound when im inside the car driving but cant be heard on the outside?

if its while your driving it could be wheel bearings

When you turn left or right in a 1996 mercury grand marquis it squeaks what is causing this?

Could be the Springs doing that. If it's a grinding noise, then it's the wheel bearings.

What could cause a grinding noise coming from underneath the car on the driver side?

wheel bearings, worn brake pads, dry u-joints could be one of many sound travels on a vehicle but start with those

99 cavalier-- grinding-knocking while driving while jacked up no grinding-knocking but wheels don't turn evenly could this be the axle bearings or something in the transmission or transfer case?

check CV joints, if bad replace shafts and joints assembly

What is the grinding whistling sound coming from the driver side wheel on a 98 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0L?

Wheel bearings, and if they're making that kind of noise your spindles could be shot by now too.

What causes a grinding noise while driving?

Depending on the what type of car or truck could be the brakes or rotors low brake fluid, or the boot is open and its gone dry, wheel bearings. hope this helps

Honda accord that has started to make a grinding sound when you accelerate or if you start driving up a hill what could be causing this?

the rubber bumpers are gone or worn out on the side motor mounts

The engine is making a knocking noise what could it be?

Depends on the sound of the knock. Could be main bearings or rod bearings.

Why is my car making loud grinding noises when i turn on the heat?


Sounds like brakes grinding but its not?

It's hard to diagnose without hearing the noise, but if you're sure that it is not the brakes, it could be dirt/sand/rock in the brakes. If you're hearing the sound all the time (even when not applying the brakes), it could be wheel bearings.

What does you it mean when there is a grinding noise on vechile on driver side?

Brakes could be bad, or wheel bearings too, des happen when u apply th brakes or just when is rolling? either way answer is probably around the tires

Front wheel squeaks while driving When you press on the brakes you feel grinding Could it be the bearings It is a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Sounds like you need brakes. Have it looked at soon! Or maybe the fact its a Chevy that might be the problem

What is a rubber balloon made of?

could it be rubber

What causes a loud noise when driving from the rear of a 1999 Jeep 4.7 Grand Cherokee could it be bearings or the differential?

It could be differential bearings.

What is bumping and grinding?

Bumping and Grinding is basicly bumping and grinding which is just basicly guy and girl rubbing each other. Something I wish I could do, if only I had a girlfriend to do it with!

1994 jeep grinding noise?

Front grinding could be a bad wheel bearing or in the front axle assembly.

Why would the alternator belt of a 1985 Nissan 200SX keep breaking?

Overtightening the belt, damaged or mis-aligned pulleys. Also, if you're getting a grinding noise while the engine is running, one of bearings in a pulley could be bad.

What would cause a grinding sound when accelerating?

Is it from the wheel? If so, then it could be numerous of things: worn hub bearings, worn brake pads/shoes/rotor, faulty drive axle...listen carefully and take you car to a certified mechanic!

Can a whining while driving be cause by something other then bad wheel bearings?

Could be the carrier bearings or pinion bearings in the differential(s). Mine was the wife and kids.

Could rusty rotors make a grinding noise?

Normally a rusty rotor would not make a grinding noise. A grinding noise from the brakes usually indicated that the pads or shoes are worn down.