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I have no real medical training or anything, but I had a misscariage in December and I would answer a resounding YES, you could definitely be having a misscariage!!! I would recommend you contact your doctor as my baby died a possible 2 weeks before I started to miscarry (they did an ultrasound after the baby died, but before I had miscarried him/her because I was bleeding and thought maybe I was miscarrying) and they ended up doing a D&C to clean everything out because I was in a good amount of pain...and they wanted to make sure it was all out so I wouldn't get infected or whatever. D&C's have a slight chance of leaving scaring, etc. which can make it more difficult to be pregnant later, but I made sure my doctor knew I'd probably want to have more kids and she said she'd be very careful (they have to scrape the uteras to remove all the pregnancy stuff). Also, my doctor recommended I wait 2 or 3 months to get pregnant again because if you get pregnant again right away it can increase your chances of having another misscariage!I'll pray for you! May God bless you!

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Q: Could you be having a miscarriage if you were having pregnancy symptoms and were a month late for your period but now you have your period and it is very painful and you're passing a lot of clots?
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Does passing tissue during pregnancy always mean your going to have a miscarriage?


When you have a miscarriage where is the pain in your stomach?

A miscarriage in the first trimester is going to feel similar to period-like cramping in your lower abdomen. Some other symptoms of having a miscarriage are: the passing of tan colored tissue, headaches, back pain, the passing of blood, white to pinkish colored discharge, and a sudden decrease in signs of pregnancy.

Is passing tissue normal in early pregnancy?

Passing tissue early in pregnancy is not really normal, but it is common. It is usually a sign of a miscarriage. Generally there are cramping pains and blood loss as well. See a doctor to see if what you have seen is a miscarriage.

You have had a very heavy period with large clots and you have been passing some clots that look like raw steak Do you think that you have had a miscarriage?

During a miscarriage, the tissue is usually clots that are a grey or pinkish colour & sometimes you can see veins. However it is possible to pass large black clots during a miscarriage. It's possible you could have a miscarriage but it depends if you was having pregnancy symptoms. You may simply be having a unusually heavy period for you & passing large clots because of this. Antibiotics can sometimes cause the symptoms you mentioned but its unlikely. See your Doctor for a blood test asap.

Not passing tissue after miscarriage?

why didnt i pass the tissue after the miscarriage at 6 weeks

Your period was late now passing clots and tissue had negative pregnancy test could i be having a miscarriage?

yes it is possible to be having a miscarriage,some people test with a false negative. It also depends on how late you are.

Hi your girlfriend and you are worried she may of had a miscarriage she had all symptoms but clot-like fluid or tissue passing through the vagina?

Get her to a doctor. If it is a miscarriage there is nothing else you can do but it needs to be confirmed and she might possibly need a D&C if not everything came out.

Is it common to show a negative sign on a pregnancy test only 2 days after a miscarriage?

Yes. The actual passing of the miscarriage is the last part of the process. The pregnancy may actually have ended days before and the hormones associated it will have been falling since. Actually, this is incorrect. The final part of the miscarriage is for the HCG level to return to zero. Now, it all depends how far along you were in your pregnancy of course. If very early, then what you experienced could be normal.

Is diverticulosis painful?

Although it can cause pain and discomfort (as well as bleeding and problems passing feces) in some cases, it generally is not a painful condition. In fact, in often it doesn't present any noticeable symptoms at all.

What is the sign of 2month pregnant miscarriage?

First off if you think you are having a miscarriage you should contact your Dr right away. Symptoms may include : Heavy bleeding, bright red bleeding, passing of clots and/or tissue, cramping, back pain, sudden stop of pregnancy symptoms, and home pregnancy test going from positive to negative. You should go to the ER right away if you have any sever bleeding, shoulder pain, smelly/yellow/green discharge, fever, blurred vision, or fainting as these all could be signs of something much more serious.

What are some symptoms of an early miscarriage?

Early miscarriage symptoms may include low back pain, abdominal pain and cramping, or passing of fluid and bleeding. Spotting and bleeding is a normal occurrence for some women during the first trimester of pregnancy. However, a woman who has bleeding should check with her doctor immediately to make sure everything is ok especially when coupled with pain and cramping. Normally the term miscarriage is only used when there is a spontaneous abortion before 20 weeks of pregnancy. Possible signs of miscarriage may be related to infection, hormonal factors, health problems with the mother, or caused by an immune system response. Spontaneous miscarriages usually occur because there are genetic or other serious problems with the unborn baby.

How is miscarriages detected?

Miscarriages can be detected several ways. HCG levels - The woman takes a blood or urine quantitative pregnancy test. Then, 48 hours later, she takes another quantitative pregnancy test. If the HCG level in her blood or urine doesn't rise or actually decreases, then a miscarriage has either taken place or is in the process of taking place. An ultrasound can help determine if a miscarriage has occurred. If there is no visible fetus or embryo, depending on how far along the pregnancy is, then it can indicate a miscarriage has taken place. Signs of miscarriage include bleeding, cramping, pain, and passing "clots." If you suspect that you are having a miscarriage, you should contact your doctor.

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