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Hello there, Because you had a normal period its unlikely as not every period or all periods have clots. But do a test to be sure hun. :o)

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Q: Could you be pregnant as you have a normal period bleed but the second period was late and has no clots which is normally normal for you?
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Is it possible to be pregnant and get your period after sex while being on your period?

No you really shouldn't be having your period while pregnant and the second part would be normal if you weren't pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you have a normal period?

Yes my wife still had her normal period with our second child for about 6 months into the 9 month's. The period's stopped after that all was normal.

Could having a second period in a month mean you are pregnant?

It is normal for a women to have 2 periods. If the period stops for a day or a couple days then starts again it is normal. But it is always safe to check and see if you are pregnant.~Taylor

Is it normal to have your period twice a month?

If your period arrives on the 1st of the month and then you have a second period on 28-31st of that month then this is normal. If your cycle is not like the one above then this isn't normal. Se your doctor as you may have a hormonal imbalance or be pregnant.

Can you get pregnant on the second day of your period and if you do do you still get period cramps?

It's very unlikely you will get pregnant on the second say after your period starts.

Do you have a period with an ectopic pregnancy?

Ive had 2 Ectopic pregnancies. First time i was 6 weeks long and i got my period as normal though it continued on for the whole time i was pregnant. My second Ectopic pregnany i was 8 weeks along and got my period normally. So yes you can get your period with an ectopic pregnancy

Is it normal for your period to start one the first day of the sugar pill instead of second which it normally does?

It is normal to start bleeding at any time during the sugar pills.

Can you get pregnant right before your period and actually have your period?

The answer is yes. I have two children. The first one I got pregnant having unprotected sex the day after I was done for the month. The second one I got pregnant a couple days before I started, I still started, wasnt as heavy but other than that was a normal period and then spotted the second month as well.

Can you be pregnant a week before your period and still have a period?

ANSWERFIRST, if you already had normal period (not short! not light!_ - pregnancy should not be expectedSECOND, in general 4-5 days before expected period are not fertile.

You got off the pill and had a normal first period and then your second one currently late Is that normal or are you pregnant?

If your period is late and you have been having sex without using anything to prevent pregnancy, you should take a pregnancy test.

Is it possible to be pregnant after your second period after a 2nd trimester miscarriage if your period is light but you still have period symptoms and pregnancy test is negative?

It is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you miss a period and have no symptoms other than the cramping and mood swings?

If you are normally regular and you had sex at the right time, yes, you could be pregnant. Many women have no symptoms at all other than the missed period, I didn't with my second pregnancy. Take a test.

Is it possible to get pregnant on your second day of your period?

yes it is possible

You missed your period for the second day could you be pregnant?

No not likely.

Is it possible to have a negative home pregnancy test and still have your periods and be pregnant?

Yes I was a month pregnant with my second child...I had a period that lasted 7 days. It was however, lighter than normal. So I went to the doctors who did a pregnancy test, which came up negative even though I was a month pregnant. It was the following period that I missed.

Can you become pregnant on your period if you think he cumed in you?

yes. I got pregnant with my second child when I had unprotected sex with my husband on the first day of my period, he did not pull out.

I miss my period on depo after the second shot could I be pregnant?

It is common to have no period when using Depo Provera.

Is period like pains normal after conception takes place?

Yes it is normal! i had period like pains just about the second week after my period and i was worried because i wanted to get pregnant, but my doc told me during ovulation you can get cramps in the lower abdomen and also lower back area, that said month i got pregnant and those cramps continued for about a couple weeks after i found out, so i say don't worry much about it!!

If pregnant how long will it take for your period tp stop?

If you have sex while on your period, It won't stop. It takes your body time to acknoledge your pregnant. You may slow down to spotting. If you are pregnant, your next month's cycle will not be appearing. Although I spotted one day around the time I should of got my period when I was pregnant with my second son. A little spotting is normal, although I would suggest talking with a ob-gyn. I hope this was helpful.

Could you be pregnant if you missed your period but the pregnancy test was a negative or is it stresss?

You could be pregnant, but probably not. It is completely normal for a womans period to arrive late, or sometimes the period goes on holiday for an extra month. Many things can cause these things to happen, but when it comes to second or third period, and they don't arrive, that is more of a sign you are pregnant. If you want a definite answer, go get a blood pregnancy test done, that test is 100% accurate.

Could I be pregnant if I had intercourse two days before my period even though I got that first period on time and it was regular for me but now it's a month later and I am late for my second period?

If you had a normal period two days after you had sex you should not be pregnant. sometimes the menstrual cycle can get a little out of time. never the les it may be a good idea to get a pregnancy test done.

How long after having a d and c does it take for a woman to be able to get pregnant?

You should wait until after your second period after the D&C. That way you also know everything is back to normal.

Can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculate fluid on the second day of the period?


Could you be pregnant if you have pregnancy symptoms but had a negative pregnancy test and you also thought you had your period but it wasn't normal and it was very light on the second day?

You could be pregnant. You may have done the pregnancy test too early. if your proper period does not come in another 2-3 days take another test.

Can someone get their period the first month of pregnancy?

Yes. But second month you can't get it if you are pregnant. :)