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Yes you could. You still produce the hormones and a pregnancy test could give the answer as could an ultrasound. if you have had unprotected sex and no periods get a pregnancy test

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โˆ™ 2006-04-10 01:05:57
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Q: Could you be pregnant but just look and feel fat?
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Does a woman look beautiful when pregnant?

Every woman is supposed to feel beautiful when pregnant!

Could a urine test from a doctors appointment show you are pregnant?

If they were testing to see if you are pregnant, yes. If they were testing for something else, then no. They can't just look at your urine and see if you are pregnant or not.

Anything I eat or drink water makes me feel pregnant and my stomach gets bigger and look pregnant?

Answer: Its proberly just constipation, take a break from the eating until you empty yourself on the toilet.You can not be pregnant if you have had your period, that it what the period means. That you have a swollen stomach have nothing to do with being pregnant since it takes months for a pregnant woman to look pregnant.

You just had twins 2 weeks ago but they were early by 2 months but you still look and feel very pregnant and you feel something kicking inside could you b pregnant and you never got a scan?

I suggest you see your doctor and ask for scan. It is unlikely you have another baby inside but stranger things have happened. Let me know what happens.

How do you look pregnant on yoville?

You can not look pregnant on yoville, the only way you could if yoville made a shirt with a belly.

Could you be pregnant if you're 10 days late and light-headed and your stomach hurts and you feel sick?

Look at it this way, you could be pregnant if you've had unprotected sex, or if you've had protected sex. Some women become pregnant on the pill, not often, but it has been claimed to have happened.

Can you just feel pregnant?

You can just "feel" pregnancy, but that doesn't mean that you are. I know during my first pregnancy, which I miscarried, I did "feel" pregnant on top of a lot of other symptoms. But you should also look for signs such as a missed period, breast tenderness or swollen breasts, fatigue, exhaustion, weight gain, increased sense of smell, and morning sickness.

What do salamanders look like when they are pregnant?

they look like thare are pregnant because of some types of foods they eat. They sometimes est flies wich can make their stomach bigger, or it could just be from the type of salamader.

Is Ashley leggat pregnant?

No she is not pregnant. In the picture of her I looked at I thought she was pregnant too. But I saw the same picture and the way she was posing makes it look like she was pregnant. What also made her look pregnant was that she posed like she did; the dress made it also look like she was pregnant. So she is not pregnant it was just how the dress was made. You can find the picture that made her look pregnant by just typing in "Ashley Leggat at the Princess Protection Program premiere". Or just type in is Ashley Leggat pregnant and you will see the picture of the dress.

I thought I was going through menopause because I didn't have my period since November 2009 but I think I could be pregnant just by the way I feel and look?

It's possible. Try a pregnancy test (home testing kits are readily available).

Is it dangerous to look at a microwave if you're pregnant?

No, you can even use it and not just look.

What does a 28 week old fetus look like?

im lactating and have bleeding for the past 5 months and look pregnant could i be pregnant

How do you know how pregnant you are?

you miss your peirod also your stomach gets bigger sometimes you'll feel it kick. just make sure you look forward to missing your pierod.

How do you get a girl to notice your erection?

you could just ask her to look or pick up her hand and slowly put it on your penisso she can feel that it is hard

6 weeks pregnant but look about 5 months pregnant?

You may be having a multiple birth. You could also just be a heavier person. Heavier people gain weight faster during pregnancy.

What do your nipples look like when pregnant?

They are rather big and pointy, and might feel a bit sore.

Does spotting brown blood mean your pregnant?

No it doesnt, It just mean it's old blood..If your that worried about it you could go to yourdoctors and have them over look it...

If a mare is lactating but does not look pregnant could she be pregnant?

Yes she still could be pregnant, but I know certain types of weeds will also make a mare lactate if she eats the. I would call your vet and ask him/her to come and see if she was pregnant.

Can drinking coke make you look pregnant?

coke is a liquid, so drinking too much of any drink can make you feel a little bloated. but generally no, it wont make you look pregnant. however, if you think you look pregnant maybe you should check to see if u actually are.

People tell me I look pregnant and i am having symptoms but 7 tests say negative could i be pregnant?

i hav no clue

Could you have had a miscarriage if you didn't even know you were pregnant?

Yes, especially if you were very early along. An early miscarriage (up to 7 or 8 weeks) would come on and just feel and look like a period with cramps etc. Somewhere around 25 - 30% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. And of those 40% are when the women did not even realize they were pregnant.

What would a miscarriage look and or feel like if you were 6 weeks pregnant?

A heavy painful period with clots.

What does your body feel like at 5 months pregnant?

You feel great at 5 months. Morning sickness is usually gone, you finally look pregnant and not just bloated or fat, yourskin glows. By 5 months you can feel your baby moving which is the most wonderful feeling ever. Your belly is too small to be uncomfortable yet. 4-6 months is the best part of pregnancy.

How can you make yourself look pregnant?

Why would you want to do that?! Could you give an explanation

You just had twins 2 weeks ago but they were early but you still look and feel very pregnant and you feel something kicking inside you could you b pregnant still?

I assume you had scans which showed twins rather than triplets. It takes much longer to get back in shape after twins and as your insides are pushed all out of shape the funny feelings are probably your intestines settling back into place and the gas moving around. If you are worried go back to your doctor.