Could you be pregnant if a pregnancy test 8 days before your expected period was negative but you you had light pink spotting two days before you tested and thought it was implantation bleeding?

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September 11, 2007 6:11PM

Well the way these test work is on your hcg levels and they are not made to be taken before a missed period they are made to be taken after this way your body will be putting out the levels that it needs to pick up. I suggest taking one after you missed your period. This way you will know for sure. It is possible to be pregnant some woman just know even if they get a - test. They wait and take it a week later and its posative.


If its saying negative then your not pregnant if your period is late it could because your stressed because you are trying for a baby it also can because of your age or diet there are reasons why periods come late. If you really think your pregnant then go and get a blood test.

from Pink Princess