Could you be pregnant if have all the symptoms of pregnancy and three months of a day or two light bleeding period But still took a test and came negative?

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2006-08-08 15:21:43

yes very possible...get a blood test from your doctor (or go to

urgent care if u poor and don't have a doctor) they will absolutely

tell you if ur preggo or not...until then, make sure to look up on

google "how to find out when i ovulate" and "tips on concieving"

they will provide you with websites on how to tell u when the exact

day you ovulate and how to plan unprotected sex around and on the

day of ovulation so u can get pregnant really really fast... yes

you could be pregnant-the reason maybe you have low hcg level in

your urine which the hpt can't pick up and give you your

result--and spotting is a rare part of pregnancy--i suggest you go

to your doctor and ask for a blood test--a blood test is more

accurate than a hpt and the blood test can pick up low hcg

level--good luck

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