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Could you be pregnant if it hurts when you urinate?

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Pregnancy does not make it hurt to urinate. You probably have a urinary tract infection. However if you have been having sex without contraception and there is a chance you may be pregnant you should tell the doctor as s/he may prescribe an alternate antibiotic if there is a chance of pregnancy.

2006-08-06 09:47:05
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Does it hurt to urinate when you are pregnant?

Nope! It doesn't hurt anymore than usual (ie when you are not pregnant). Pregnant women however are more prone to bladder infections. If it hurts to urinate, see a doctor as you have an infection.

Am using implanon mplant it hurts when you urinate could you be pregnant?

Painful urination is a sign of infection, not a sign of pregnancy. See your health care provider as soon as possible for testing.

What could be wrong if it hurts when I urinate?

You could have a bladder infection. It is best to see your doctor, he is the only one who can make a diagnosis.

If it hurts to urinate and the doctor says it could be a tear from sex is this likely or could it be something worse?

Could be a bladder infection uti or std

What does it mean when your bladder hurts and you urinate a lot?

It could mean anything but you should definitely get it checked out by a doctor to determine what it is.

You have not got your period your stomch hurts and it feels bigger?

You could be pregnant.

Does herpes make you urinate frequently?

Herpes causes burning pain or trouble urinating. It's different then having to urinate freequently. Could be a bladder infection or if your female you could be pregnant.

What does it mean when your bladder hurts and you don't have to urinate?

it depends. it could be an infection or at the worst, bladder cancer.although if you have not had a poo, it could be constipation. u should see a doctor

Why do you feel like peeing all the time and your stomach hurts?

You could be pregnant.

Can you pee when your pregnant?

Yes you can urinate while pregnant.

What do i have if you have if white blood cells are in your urine and it hurts to urinate?

It could possibly mean that you have a urinary tract infection. Go to the doctor and ask them if you have it.

Why when you urinate it hurts the kidney?

its not supposed to. you should see a doctor if it does

Could you be pregnant if your breast are tender and you have mild cramping and your lower and upper back hurts?

Yes you could be pregnant. Take a test and or see a doctor.

Your stomach hurts the day after sex could you be prengnet?

yes your pregnant btw(by the way)thats so not how you spell pregnant

Can you urinate in public in the UK if pregnant?


What if your friend feels sick and her back hurts what could this mean?

She might be pregnant. Get her to take a test

If it hurts during intercourse when the guy is on top could you be pregnant?

No. If it hurts during intercourse you need to use more lubricant. If you don´t know if you´re pregnant, you need to take a home pregnancy test.

What does it mean when you feel a sharp pain in your vagina and it hurts when you urinate?

Go to a doctor

Why do you urinate a lot?

You can urinate a lot if you have a urinary tract infection, diabetes, kidney infection or disease, or are pregnant.

You are always hungry and urinate a lot but the test results say you are not pregnant Could it be?

It could possibly be Diabetes, go to your GP to get your blood glucose levels checked.

Why pee hurt for 1 day?

If you urinate and it hurts for one day, this could mean that you have a UTI. It may also mean that you were dehydrated. See a doctor to confirm a diagnosis.

Is it normal to have a creamy discharge when you are pregnant especially after you urinate?

No not necessarily, everyone is different. The extra discharge could be hormones. Check with your doctor.

Why does it mean when your stomach hurts?

your pregnant

What does it mean when your stomach hurts to suck in?

It could just be cramps. I have looked up this question many times and never have anyone said it hurts to suck in their stomach while pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if your belly button hurts and when you turn on your side and it hurts to?

No!!! That is a totally rediculous question