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Yes you could be pregnant. Do a pregnancy test.


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One can always GET pregnant. You are probably not currently pregnant if you have regular periods.

You can't have a period when you're pregnant!

it is possible. your regular 'periods' could be abnormal bleeding. my advice is to take a test.

she continues to have regular periods when not pregnant.

I had a period in September on the thirteenth and had intercourse on the twenty six. And in october I had a period on the ninth that lasted three days and a week later keep having a nauseating feeling and have for several day. Could I be pregnant?

Yes, You could get pregnant whether you have regular periods or not. But, If you have your period and you get pregnant it could lead to a miscarriage.

yes onces u get your first period u can get pregnant

Nope. If you are pregnant and bleeding, you need to get to a hospital or emergency room ASAP.

As soon as you're back in regular periods again you can get pregnant.

the same as someone who has regular periods. having periods, in general, means that your body can have babies.

If you have unprotected sex then you have a chance of becoming pregnant. If you have had two periods since your last sexual encounter then it is unlikely you are pregnant.

ask your GP or get a cheap pregnancy test from your local pharmacy or shop and if you are pregnant congratulations

Once your periods are regular after stopping depo provera, you can probably get pregnant. YOu can also get pregnant just before your first normal period.

By taking a test. If you are not trying to get pregnant the birth control pill can help you getting regular.

Some women have regular periods all the way through pregnancy. If you are pregnant, see a Dr. immediately to make sure you and baby are "AOK".

yes you can stil get pregnant and there is no need to worry. A simple pregnancy test will work.

look closely for pregnant signs and do a pregnancy test in the morning when u wake

You might not be pregnant, you know. Sometimes it's regular for your periods to be irregular.

If you have started your periods and you are having regular unprotected sex the chances of getting pregnant are quite high.

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