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Could you be pregnant if you are 7 weeks late and you had spotting for 2 days and then a light period?


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Of course after a few weeks of missed period you should take a hpt. Its very normal to have light bleeding when first pregnant.


GO and See a doctor I had Implantation bleeding then 2 weeks after got my period so which means I'm not pregnant . Late period can be caused by stress, age and diet. If you have irregular periods it can cause late periods or even it can skip a month

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Spotting could be mistaken as a light period. I would suggest going to see a doctor because you could be pregnant.

You could be pregnant because spotting does occur during pregnancy, but you might just be having a light period.

If u have light spotting instead of my period what could it be?

You don't get your period (bright red, light, heavy, light) when you are pregnant. In early pregnancy you could have implantation bleeding around the time of your period (light pink/brown and spotting)

yes. I had light brown spotting when my period was due and I was pregnant!Normally it is considered implantaion bleeding. Brown blood, is old blood so it is normally fine.

Yes, or you could just be ovulating. Take a test if you miss your period

It could be ovulation spotting, a light period or implantation bleeding

If you only had light spotting and a bit of cramping and it has all stopped you may be pregnant.

The only way to know if your pregnant is to buy a pregnancy test. But if you were even pregnant you wouldn't even be haven your period.

The spotting and blood clots could just be part of a normal light period. The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant would be to take a pregnancy test.

Spotting light pink is a charachteristic of being should really go to a clinic and find out, especially if you miss your period four months..or have cramps, tenderness, and light spotting.

could you be pregnant if you period was short and light

Since a light period or spotting is ocnsidered a pregnancy symptom in some cases, yes you could be. Take a home pregnancy test and/or see your doctor to test there.

This by itself isn't a sign of pregnancy. However you do have what is called break threw bleeding while pregnant. Which means you get whats like a light period or spotting.

Spotting is pretty much like what it sounds like, its a very light bleed it can happen for many reasons, it could be the implantation, the start of a miscarriage, a rupture in the placenta, plus ther are many other reason's for spotting sometimes just no reason.If it happens right before your period then yes you are probably pregnant.Because if it is the starting of a miscarriage... well, when your pregnant you don't get your period and when theres a miscarriage then theres no more baby so miscarriage before period could mean your pregnant cause its backwards than when your pregnant your pregnant you get your period your not pregnant!so the backwards way is no baby then period so then pregnant. so theres your answer POOPING DURING SPOTTING MEANS YOU MIGHT BE CONSTAPATED WHEN YOUR DONE YOUR SPOTTING. SO IF YOUR SPOTTING AND YOU TAKE A POOP JUST TO LET YOU KNOW ITS NOT NORMAL GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Possible. If you're not just starting your period , then it could be an infection or possibly miscarriage.

Hi. :-) In response to your question, because your period is very unusual for you and sounds more like spotting or a light period, this can be a indication of pregnancy.

this is not a sure sign that you could be pregnant it could just be an irregular period mayb eif you are under any stress or if youhave changed your diet. however this can sometimes happen when pregnant and if you think you could be pregnant then you should have a test or contact your doctor.

I've known someone that while they were pregnant had their period up to the 6th month, and also, if it was really light it could have just been spotting which is a sign of pregnancy.

Hi there, usually if you have spotting before your period or roughly the same time, it could be a sign of implantation bleeding as this can happen anywhere between 6+ days after ovulation, since you have indicated that you are spotting after your expected period it could either be a very very light period and that you could be pregnant or it is the start of your period. Good luck and hope this helps. PS if you have missed your period now would be a good time to test!!

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