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The only real way to tell is by going to your local Planned Parenthood and having a prenancy test done. It sounds more like you are having break through bleeding from the Birth Control. In that case they will change your pills.

2006-08-10 23:35:51
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You usually have heavy periods but this time it has been really light and you are still taking birth control could you be pregnant?

You periods are meant to be lighter on birth control, but I guess you could be pregnant. Take a test and I would stop taking the pills just until you know you're not pregnant

Can birth control pills help you get pregnant?

Birth control pills stop you getting pregnant----Birth control actually can help you get pregnant. If you have abnormal periods, you'll have abnormal ovulation making it difficult to get pregnant. Birth Control helps regulate periods, therefore regulating Ovulation making it easier to get pregnant if you mess them up.

Could you be pregnant while on birth control and having normal periods but also having pregnancy symptoms?

Very unlikely

Can you be pregnant if you are on the dapio but while on on the birth control you have been having all of your periods?

Yes you can get pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you took birth control after you got your period and your period since then has been reeally light?

probably not. birth control will make your periods lighter, shorter and more regular.

If you had 2 periods in 1 month is it ok for you to take thre birth control pill 2 get pregnant?

Birth control pills are for preventing pregnancy, not getting pregnant.

If you got off birth control three months ago and had two regular periods since could you be pregnant?

Yes. Pregnancy is always a possibility if you are not using any birth control method.

Are late periods on birth control normal?

If you just started taking birth control your periods are going to be irregular for the first few months. But it is possible to still get pregnant on the pill.

Do women on birth control miss their periods if pregnant?

If a women is pregnant than she will miss all of her periods, until she gives birth. then she will have a period every 28 days like normal

Can you get pregnant if the birth control patch fell off?

Yes, if you had sex after the birth control patch had fallen off, you could get pregnant.

Could I be pregnant after taking birth control for two days?

yes, and even on birth control there is a small chance of getting pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you're on birth control and have normal periods but this month it was normal but then 2 days later you got this very light bleeding?


Could you be pregnant if you haven't gotten your period for 4 months after the birth control shot?

It is possible but many women don't have periods while on the shot.

Could you be pregnant If your period was a week early and short and youre not using any form of birth control?

Most likely no you are not pregnant. It was just short and light. Some periods are that way.

How do you know if you are pregnant with irregular periods?

By taking a test. If you are not trying to get pregnant the birth control pill can help you getting regular.

If you take the pill for a month get a couple regular periods then miss one what are the chances you are pregnant?

If you took birth control for one month and had a few periods then you need to see your doctor and change birth control. It doesn't sound like you are on the right type of birth control pills for you - hence the extra periods. You do need to perform a pregnancy test as there is a possibility you may be pregnant.

Does having irregular periods and havet to take hormone pills or birth control to start it mean you cant have children?

No. If you get periods, you can get pregnant.

Why are your periods light not on birth control?

You could be a lady with this light period.

What can you do to stop your periods besides birth control?

Besides hormonal birth control the only real options to stop menstruation would either be to get pregnant or to have a hysterectomy.

When does a woman conceive after monthly periods?

a woman can get pregnant with a baby the FIRST time she EVER has SEX even if she has NO PERIODS! and you are at risk of getting pregnant always. use birth control

Could you get pregnant while on birth control?

Unfortunately, the answer is YES! Birth control is only 99% effective. The only sure way to not get pregnant is to not have intercourse!

Why do girls go on birth control other than not to get pregnant?

If your on birth control you won't get periods. In some cases people can have quite severe periods where a dangerous amount of blood is lost, and some people have painful experiences, so birth control pills can be medically prescribed.

Could you be pregnant if you have taken birth control and had your period but are experiencing pregnancy symptoms and your mother conceived while on birth control?

Yes you can get pregnant and still have periods. I knew someone once who had periods all the way through and never knew she was pregnant until the sixth month. You should go get a home test, call your doctor and make sure it's ok to stop taking your pills until you know if you are pregnant.

If you missed 2 periods while on birth control what does this mean?

you are pregnant. this might be hard to believe but you are. deal with it.

Your DR put you on a light birth control for your periods can you still get pregnant no matter how light it is?

birth control doesn't work all time no matter the prescription strenght.