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Could you be pregnant if you started a new pill pack on the 2nd and missed pills on the 14th-16th and you ovulated on the 16th?


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You could be. You have less of a chance of being pregnant if you actually took the rest of the pills in the pack. The pill helps keep you from ovulating and also helps keep a fertilized egg from implanting. That's why morning-after pills work.


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technically yes, as long as you ovulated THIS month. This would highly depend on the reason for the last two missed periods. If they were missed due to a naturally irregular cycle, there is no reason that you could not have ovulated on the third month.

Yes, if you ovulated, you will have a period. If not, then you are probably pregnant. If you haven't had a period and aren't pregnant, then you didn't ovulate. You said you ovulated, but there isn't any real way to tell unless you are testing yourself daily. Talk to a doctor if you have missed a period.

That depends if you know how to read your ovulation. The period can only come after ovulation. If you have no idea whether you ovulated or not, then there is no guarantee of anything. If you ovulated and you´ve had sex around the time of ovulation, you´re likely pregnant. If you haven´t ovulated, there is no way you are pregnant, no matter if you had sex, or not. And, of course, if you are late, and you haven´t had sex, then you likely haven´t ovulated for some reason. Maybe you´ve been under stress, or you´ve been sick... many reasons can occur that make the body pause out on the menstrual cycle.

No. To get a reliable result on a home pregnancy test you should wait 14-16 days after you think you ovulated to test.

if you have missed one period it doesnt mean no ovulation or pregnant you could be lat starting but if you still havent started after a few days of when your period should of started go to your doctor your pharmicest and take a pregnancy test because you could be pregnant.

If you have missed your period and are pregnant, you most likely got pregnant around 14 days before your missed period.

If you just missed one pill it is unlikely that you ovulated at all as the other pills (if taken correctly) will have prevented ovulation. so you are unlikely to become pregnant. NO NOT REALLY PLUS THERE SHOULD BE ENOUGH HORMONES IN THE PILLS TO PREVENT THE PREGNANCY TO TAKE PLACE...SO BASICALLY NO

You can not be pregnant if you have your period at all. However, if you have missed a week of your birth control pills you do have the chance of becoming pregnant if you have unprotected sex.

Typically, if you have your period, you are not pregnant. To be sure, buy a home pregnancy test from your local pharmacy.

If you had many symptoms of pregnancy including a missed period last month but negative pregnancy test then this month you had cramping and then you started and still have symptoms can you still be pregnant?

Yes you can get pregnant if you missed a birth control shot for four months. However, doctors say that it takes about a week after a missed period to get pregnant.

It depends on when you ovulate. Your body might not have ovulated yet but there is still a chance you could be pregnant. It takes seven days of regular pill taking after your period to make it affective. I am in the same boat I missed my seventh pill and I am losing my mind. Most women do not ovulate until eight days after their period so hopefully you and I are safe :)

If you have not missed a period it is unlikely you are pregnant.

If the 16yr old was regular and then missed one randomly - she could be pregnant. If she has only just started, it is common for periods to be missed, late, early etc.

If you missed your period then you are prego

When u missed you period by one week,ls not you are pregnant!but ahead more,you should go for pregnant test ,when u will now lf you are pregnant.

Many women have trouble knowing they have ovulated. The fertile mucus can be so thin that it is missed, and no ovulation pains are felt.

Actually, how many weeks along you are goes by the first day of your last cycle. If you have a perfect 28 day cycle; then you would count back two weeks and that would be around the time you ovulated, if you found out the week of your missed period.

In some cases yes...lots of things that i heard about the pill is you have to take it on a regular basis or it isn't affective.My brother the doctor told me that.I would recommend if you think you are pregnant or if you missed a day or 2 on the pill then retake the pregnancy test.With alot of people who haven't started their period then more then likely they are pregnant.

Stress can cause you to miss your period as well as a hormone imbalance. if you still have not started by the next month, contact your OBGYN.

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