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Stress can cause you to miss your period as well as a hormone imbalance. if you still have not started by the next month, contact your OBGYN.

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Q: You missed your periods but you still not pregnant?
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Can you still be pregnant if you have no real symptoms besides mood swings missed periods and weight gain?

yes, some women never even "feel" pregnant. missed periods are a dead giveaway and of course positive pregnancy tests! ~pawsalmighty

Does spotting or prolonged periods or missed periods mean Im pregnant?


Can you still get pregnant if you have missed 3 periods?

Most likely, not. If you've missed 3 periods in a row, something can be wrong. I would go get it checked out by a doctor just to be on the safe side. If your not having a period, then you aren't ovulating, which means you can't get pregnant.

Will you still be pregnant when you miss 1 month of your periods?

if you mean that you missed one period, and got the rest of them. chances are, you only missed your period due to stress.

Can you get pregnant with the contraceptive implant and still have periods?

can you get pregnant when your on the implant and still have periods

If you missed two periods but doctors urine sample was negative could you still be pregnant?

Unlikely. You need to go back to the doctor about the no periods thing though

How did women in history discover they were first pregnant?

They missed their periods.

How many missed periods tells you could be pregnant?


You take your pill everyday and you have missed two periods?

your pregnant

You have missed two periods and im not pregnant?

go and see doctor

What are the side effects of missed periods other than being pregnant?

stress or illness can cause a missed period

Can you bleed for 1 day and still be pregnant?

you can still have periods and still be pregnant

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