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== == * I've heard it said that once a female becomes pregnant then her symptoms will rub off onto the male.

== == * It is not a myth! Some men are quite sensitive to their female counterpart's pregnancy symptoms WHEN she is pregnant. They can get indigestion, pains in their stomach and believe it or not some men feel (but of course aren't) going through labor. I would think it's more out of nervousness. Men generally don't feel pregnancy symptoms when they are dating and their girlfriend isn't pregnant (for sure.) He may be worried (you probably have been worried yourself about getting pregnant) that you are! This can cause indigestion, headaches, stomach pains and plain worry on both of your parts. If he's got anything it's bad nerves. Hopefully you are using condoms at least and of course they are not 100% effective. == == * I think everyone's different, when my mom was pregnant with me she found out because my dad started to get pregnancy symptoms, but then again it didn't happen with my other sisters only with me. so yeah, i just guess everyone's different. * From experience I can say that yes your boyfriend could also get the pregnancy symptoms. In my case my boyfriend had basically all the symptoms. He had the morning sickness, he felt sick most of the time, vomited a couple of times, he had the cravings, and the day before I gave birth he felt really bad pain. I will never forget that day because when he was going through his pain he told me, "watch your going to give birth tomorrow!" And as you know it. I gave birth the very next day. Its really awkward and funny, but it was a great experience.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend started getting pregnancy symptoms and how early will he get the symptoms after having sex?
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Can you Feel pregnant but not?

Yes, the symptoms of getting your period or ovulating can be similar to pregnancy symptoms.

Is getting a cold one of the symptoms of being pregnant?

No getting a cold is not the sign of pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant and your boyfriend isn't getting pregnancy symptoms?

Yes; you are going to be the one experiencing pregnancy symptoms, NOT your boyfriend. Your body is the one that is changing not his. Your hormones are changing like crazy, not his. You are going to be carrying a baby, not him. It has nothing to do with him but only one time, and that is during sex if he releases sperm into your vagina to fertilize your eggs. That is the only thing he has to do with YOUR pregnancy.

Is pregnancy possible if boyfriend had a vasectomy?

As it has been done, he has zero chance of getting you pregnant.

Can pregnancy symptoms start as early as the fourth day after conception?

Pregnancy symptoms do not start as early as the fourth day after conception. If a couple is trying to conceive or a woman is worried about getting pregnant pseudo pregnancy symptoms can occur at anytime.

How soon can you have symptoms of pregnancy?

As soon as you get pregnant. I started getting symptoms when i was a month I was always sick i guess it really depends on the person.

What are pregnancy symptoms if your tubes are tied?

If tubes were tied correctly, you shouldn't get pregnant at all. That's the point of getting them tied. If something went wrong and you still got pregnant, then symptoms would be the same as any other pregnancy.

Can you be pregnant if it's been four weeks and you got all the symptoms but just got your period?

One of the symptoms of pregnancy is not getting your period.

You are on implanon and do not have a period however you are showing symptoms of pregnancy?

when in doubt, assume you are pregnant. then take a urine pregnancy test, and if that is negative. then you can also check by getting a blood pregnancy test.

I have symptoms but Im not sure if Im pregnant because of getting off depo recently What should you do?

If you think you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

Do premenstrual symptoms mean I'm pregnant?

No. They are just pre-mentrual symptoms that you are getting before your period. However, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

When do you start to get pregnancy symptoms?

most people start getting pregnancy symptoms at 2 weeks.

Can you have a full term pregnancy getting pregnant with Mirena?

Yes, you can have a full-term pregnancy after getting pregnant with Mirena.

Is getting a busting headache everyday a symptom of pregnancy?

A bad headache could be a sign of pregnancy depending on if you have other symptoms along with it. If you think your pregnant, that consult your doctor.

Does your back hurt when you are four weeks pregnant?

4 wks sounds a lil early to already start getting symptoms of pregnancy

What are the chances of getting pregnancy symptoms every day of the pregnancy or are on an off pregnancy symptoms?

Sometimes it is everyday vomiting. Sometimes it is weekly.

You have been getting pregnancy symptoms And started your period late you are also having a light period could you be pregnant?

Yes - take a test

If a woman is pregnant when does she start to have symptoms of pregnancy?

I suggest getting the book "What to expect when expecting" you can get it cheap (.75 cents) on Every woman is different so it is hard to say what symptoms you will have and when.

When there is no period going on at that time pregnancy is possible?

If the woman has recently had sex and is no longer getting her period and has pregnancy-like symptoms, she should see a doctor to see if she is pregnant. It is definitely a possibility.

Can you get pregnant 5 days after your period and have pregnancy symptoms a day after sex?

Yes to your first question and pregnancy symptoms can happen at any time but the only true way to tell is waiting a few weeks and getting a blood test. Good luck.

How would you know if you are pregnant after 3 days of intercourse?

You wouldn't. You wouldn't be getting any symptoms yet and you couldn't get a positive result on a pregnancy test

What is the best part of pregnancy?

getting pregnant

Can you b pregnant if you conceived exactly may 7th and its may 27th now and you been getting pregnancy symptoms?

Yes. If you conceived then you are pregnant. Unless you had a miscarriage but you would probably have noticed this. Get a pregnancy test from a shop and see. Once you have done that, if it turns out you are pregnant, go and see a doctor.

You slept with your boyfriend a month ago and didnt use any protection the day after you had flu like symptoms and you have not came on also keep getting stomach cramps Could you be pregnant?

Flu-like symptoms a day after copulation does not signify pregnancy. More or less, your stomach cramps may be due to air entering your system during the sexual act. The flu-like symptoms may be attributed to other things you have done the day before but not to pregnancy.

If iam getting my period but am getting prenancy symptoms does that mean am pregnant?

No, that is a symtom of your period. I know it is wierd. Pregancy symptoms are period symptoms :)