Could you be pregnant if your breasts are bigger and you are eating lots and you feel sick quite often but you are on the depo shot?


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2015-07-15 20:46:05
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It's always possible. I've been on Depo Provera for 2 1/2 yrs. I'm 19. I gained 50 lbs. in the first 1 1/2 yrs. and am just now finally losing it. My body acted like it was pregnant, I had cravings for salty/sweet foods at wierd times, My breasts grew a cup size (probably from the weight) I had morning sickness, hot flashes and was very moody. Try that for 6-8months! Unfortunately I need to stay on the shot for a couple more years due to a high risk medication I took. It took 1 yr. for my body to regulate it's self. Other than that, my "now" husband and I are both very happy with the effectiveness of Depo Provera.

It's possible, but those could also be side affects of the depo shot. Talk to your doctor, they may give you a pregnancy test.

Actually, the Depro-Vera shot is designed to make your body believe it's pregnant by releasing extra estrogen and progesteron into your system. In all likely-hood, it's probably side effects. But, if you are truly concerned, speak to your health care proffesionalist

Get off the Depo. It is horrible stuff. I gained 40 lbs in only 6 weeks on that stuff and it made my anti-depressants stop working. My doctor has had many similar reports from other patients. (And yes, it does make your body mimic some pregnancy symptoms.)

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news...but...I have heard that the depo shot causes first stages of osteoporosis and makes fertility difficult. My friend suffered 3 miscarriages due to the depo shot. Be very careful. Other types of BC don't give as many symptoms as the depo shot. The patch is wonderful. You gain very little weight (if controlled) plus the side effects are less harsh. !


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There is a 4 in 50 chance that your pregnant. Its probably you developing or your periods are irregular caused by eating unhealthy.

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You could be, but it could be a sign that your period is coming. If you miss your period, take a test

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You could be/get pregnant.

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Yes, there is a possiblilty that you are pregnant but there could also be other reason for the weight gain.

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