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It is possible to be pregnant and have bleeding. See below for more information.

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If im spotting with blood clots could i still be pregnant?

You can still be pregnant even though you are spotting and loosing blood clots.

Can pregnant women pass blood-clots and still be pregnant?

If you're pregnant & passing clots, you need to see a doctor. You could be miscarrying or your baby could be in distress.

Should your menstrual Blood clots have white on it?


Why are you having watery blood with blood clots?

Watery blood with blood clots can be a sign of miscarriage. You can also have an unusual menstrual cycle. If you have watery blood with blood clots you need to go to a doctor.

Do you have blood clots while pregnant?

Blood clots are more common during pregnancy than when not pregnant, but they are still rare.

Can blood clot past out through your period?

Yes, blood clots can pass in menstrual flow. Menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood so you won't pass many clots, a lot of what you might see as clots is actually uterine lining that has been shed or cervical mucus that has mixed with blood. Actual blood clots are actually very uncommon.

Does aspirin thin out your menstrual blood?

Aspirin is a "blood thinner" and can increase the amount of menstrual bleeding. It doesn't break down clots already formed.

Can a woman be pregnant and still have her period and blood clots?


What is the jelly stuf when you get your period?

You are seeing blood clots and this a very normal occurrence during your menstrual cycle. You may experience a lot of them or very little blood clots.

You think you are pregnant but you did not take a test you have most of the signs of pregnancy but you are on your period it is bright red blood with dark blood clots could you still be pregnant?

If your period has come at the normal time it is unlikely you are pregnant.

What could cause heavy bleeding with clots and stomach pains?

Menstrual cramps

If ive been spotting for almost a week with some blood clots could that mean im pregnant or is it just an extremely light period?

The spotting and blood clots could just be part of a normal light period. The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant would be to take a pregnancy test.

11 weeks pregnant and blood clots?

to the hospital NOW

Can a menstrual clots rupture hymen?

No, menstrual clots can't rupture the hymen. Menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood, the larger pieces you see in menstrual flow is uterine lining. The hymen is tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening, the uterine tissue isn't even big enough to stretch the hymen let alone cause it to rupture.

Why does clotting occur during menstrual cycle?

Because it´s fresh blood and blod clots.

Is it possible to be pregnant having blood clots?

Yes a blood clot does not prevent you from ovulating. Or if you mean clots like on your period I would say no.

What if there is clots and bleeding while pregnant?

If you are experiencing blood clots while pregnant, you should contact your doctor immediately. You could be having a miscarriage. I passed a clot when I was pregnant and I had a miscarriage. Some light bleeding may be normal, but clotting sounds more serious.

Does black blood clots instead of blood for your period mean your pregnant and if it smells really really bad?

Black blood clots do not relate to whether or not you are pregnant. You should see a doctor if the clots are bad. In general, if you are on your period/ losing blood, you are not pregnant. The smell and color mean you may have an infection It may also be an viral STI (as opposed to just bacterial).

Could u bleed brown in your period?

Since blood does turn brown as it clots, a brown color in menstrual blood probably means only that some of the blood has been exposed to air for some time.

Can blood clots mean you are pregnant?

no blood clots do not mean that you are actually pregnant it could be other things. are they followed by pain cramps and other things, you before you assume you are pregnant go get a pregnancy test from the store if you are not pregnant you should follow up with your doctor. there are other important organs in there that may have something going on and it is important to have them checked out. do not wait.

What is the clots you have during a menstrual cycle?

Menstruation is the shedding of the uterine lining, the 'clots' you see are just larger pieces of the uterine lining. Menstrual flow doesn't clot like normal blood, if it did it'd prevent menstruation.

Do to much of blood clots in your period make it difficult for you to get pregnant?

No that has nothing to do with it.

Is it normal to have small clots of blood in menstrual flow?

Yes, it's very normal. Don't worry

Are clots in your menstrual cycle OK?

What you think are clots are likely just larger pieces of the uterine lining or cervical mucus mixing with blood - this is completely normal to see, the uterine lining is the main waste product of menstruation. Menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood, if it did it'd be detrimental to the whole process.

What are the menstrual problem?

Well I have been seeing my period for the past three months with blood clots and I don't understand