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It could be either one. If you haven't taken Birth Control pills before they can give the same symptoms as pregnancy. If you haven't missed your period I wouldn't worry yet. Once you do miss, take a HPT or go to your physician and they will run one for you.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-16 17:33:24
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Q: Could you be pregnant or is it just the pill if you have recently been experiencing very sore tender breasts extremely lethargic strange tingly feeling down below and strange feelings in your abdomen?
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How would you feel at three weeks pregnant?

One might notice that their breasts are very tender; they might become extremely moody, feel lethargic and might experience appetite loss.

Why am I experiencing sensations of quickening when I'm not pregnant?

I have had these feelings of 'Quickening' too even though I'm not pregnant. I have had two normal full term pregnancies 20 years ago. would love to know if anyone else has experience this.

When pregnant does the mother have strong feelings for the father?

depends on the mother. do you have strong feelings for the guy that got you pregnant?

What symptoms should you be experiencing at three months pregnant?

Morning sickness, weird cravings. There are no set symptoms you should be experiencing hun. It is different in every pregnant woman. :-)

Could you be experiencing premenstrual asthma symptoms but still be pregnant?

You can experience PMS symptoms and be pregnant yes. But if you get your period then you aren't pregnant.

What kind of feelings do you get when your pregnant?


You are 7 weeks pregnant but still you dont feel giddy no vomits.?

that is good actually,youre not experiencing the harsh facts of being pregnant if i could have made it through my pregnancies without nausea or vomiting i would have been extremely happy enjoy being non vomiting

Is it normal to have air coming out of the vagina at 22 weeks pregnant?

Hiya, I am 6 weeks pregnant and experiencing this its weird!!

6 weeks pregnant and no sac in the ultrasound?

well you may had a miscarriage or you are not pregnant and are experiencing the symptoms i am truly sorry

What is experiencing symptoms of pregnancy when you're not pregnant?

It is called a Phantom pregnancy.

What the color of a period when you are pregnant?

Women who are pregnant do not get periods. If you are pregnant and you are experiencing bleeding and/or cramping you should contact your Dr right away or go to the ER.

Do i still be pregnant when experiencing blood clots?

Go talk to your doctor. Now.

If you're pregnant and experiencing severe pains should you go to the hospital?


If a girl is experiencing a menstruation symptoms she can be pregnant?

Could be, most likely it is PMS.

Is it ok to diet while pregnant if you are extremely overweight you wasn't expecting to get pregnant after a tubal ligation but now you are and you are extremely overweight Is it ok to lose the weight?

== ==

What kind of feeling would you get if you are pregnant?

What kinds or feelings do you have when you are pregnant? Nausea, abdominal cramping, headache.......

What feelings will your breast have if you are pregnant?

They become much harder.

If you have a period and are extremely emotional afterwards can you still be pregnant?

You could have gotten pregnant on your period

What does it mean if you are experiencing all the signs of pregnancy but you are not pregnant?

Possibly an ovarian cyst or fibroids.

Can you be pregnant if your period started a month late but you seem to be experiencing pregnancy signs?


Why and when do nipples get dark along with feeling nauseated?

Whoever is experiencing that, if they are female, is probably pregnant.

How soon do symptoms come when pregnant?

after 28 days. that is when one knows that she is not experiencing her periods

You have been extremely hungry lately are you pregnant?

Just because you are extremely hungry doesnt mean you might be pregnant 0.o You should take the test and see

Can You be pregnant if you are experiencing regular period symptoms?

Yes you can have a normal period and still be pregnant. The only for sure way to know if you are pregnant is hearing the babies heart beat. See a Dr.

Could I be pregnant if I had two periods in the same month but took the pill and now I am experiencing cramps?

It is unlikely that you are pregnant but take a pregnancy test to be sure.

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