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One of the central keys of Christianity is the Golden Rule, or "do unto others as you would have those do unto you." As long as you treat people with the charity, respect and love you desire, you will always do well.

Christian morality is often represented as kindness, charity, love, selflessness etc, all of which are represented, but other ethics are that women should submit to their husbands authority, a husband is is the head of the household and is the provider. Love your neighbor as yourself, forgive others of their trespasses against you. love your enemies, and o good to them, pray for those who spitefully use you,feed/clothe the poor, visit the sick and those who are in prison,obey God.

According to the Biblical view moral actions can only be done by moral people, else those doing them will only be hypocrites and therefore not moral at all. Alternatively they will become proud of their moral actions and then also cease to be moral. Thus, the heart must be changed from the inside-out through repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who will give them a new heart, so that they will have right desires that are necessary for a person to produce moral actions free from self-seeking and self glorification and hypocrisy.

Often those who talk most about morals are the most insensitive to others and the most aggressive in pushing tolerance while themselves being insensitive and proclaiming open-mindedness while themselves refusing to listen to everything except their own narrow view.

Morality in the Christian sense also most certainly includes sacrifice for others. "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." This demonstrates that our moral actions are not out to glorify ourselves, but rather to glorify God, and help others. Thus the more self-sacrificing we are, the more moral we are.

Christian morality 'from the inside out' provides a source of power, the Holy Spirit, to enable the person to perform truly moral acts which are not just externally good but rightly motivated, as well as convict/lead a believer who strays, to repentance.. Thus, all the moral actions one may wish to list, many mentioned above, will be done by the believer who is motivated by God's Love for others. Christ-like Values & Principles: Faith, Hope, Love, Forgiveness, Mercy,Noble, Kindness Meekness,,Strong, Humility, Honorable, Giving,Caring,Gentleness, Fair/Just, Generosity,,Diligent, Perseverance,Wise, Knowledgeable, Understanding, Loving/Compassion/Forgiving,Empathetic, Patience, Honest, Trustworthy,Faithfulness, Humble yet Confident, Pure, Temperance, Mild, Tenderness,Truthful/Free from Deceit, Blessing/Free from Cursing These values measure certain decisions and behaviors that reflect in moral conduct. Christian values vary from denomination to denomination, but the Greatest of all, is Love. Love speaks the Truth. Coincidentally, these two are very controversial ideals in the world.

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Q: Could you give your knowledge and understanding of Christian morals?
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