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I recently had a similar problem with the blower motor in my '02 Grand Caravan. However, I did have high speed only. I replaced the blower motor resistor (which is located behind the glove box) and now it works fine. Don't know if this will fix your problem or not, but it may be worth a try. You may also want to check the connector to make sure its good before you replace the resistor. If the connector plug is ok, chances are the entire resistor is bad. You can probable call your local dealership and get the resistor. They range in price from $18 to $25. It is fairly easy to install. Just release the glove box door, and there it is. Held in place by two screws. Unplug the connectors, remove the resistor, install the new one, reconnect the connectors and you're on your way.

2007-10-20 17:02:32
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