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Yes- try EPT they have worked good for me!

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What does it mean when your nipples become dark-?

When your nipples become dark it usually means you are pregnant. This is the first sign in pregnancy.

Why do the nipples of a female dog change color?

A female dog's nipples will change color when it is pregnant. They usually change to a brighter red color, and usually grow.

What does it mean when a dog has milk in her nipples?

Usually when a dog has milk in it's nipples, it's after being pregnant and provided for feeding the their babies

Could you be pregnant if your nipples are sore?

Yes, but it could also just be hormones. Mine sometimes get sore for no reason, or right before I start my period. Usually if you're pregnant your breast, not just nipples, are EXTREMELY sore.

What does it mean when your nipples become dark?

That you're pregnant. That's usually one of the first signs women notice.

Why your nipples feel sore?

When a girl aged 10-12 gets breasts at that time nipples feel sore because of it growth. It's natural. And when a woman is pregnant she usually feels the same.

How many nipples does a poodle have?

Poodles usually have 8 nipples.

Can you have sore nipples without sore breast when you are pregnant?

yes, but usually you breasts get hard as the mammary glands swell joymaker rn

Could you be pregnant if you usually have tender breasts during PMS and this month you have very tender nipples?

Difficult to say. If you're period arrives then no.

When a guinea pig gets pregnant does it's nipples enlarge?

Yes they do, they usually only get bigger just before she is about to give birth though

How many nipples are there on a cat?

Cats usually have eight nipples but sometimes there can be extra ones

How do you tell if a stray cat is pregnant?

The same way you tell if a house cat is pregnant: Enlarged and pink nipples, an increased appetite, a bulging belly (although this is usually only really noticeable later on in the pregnancy).

Are hairy nipples normal?

Yes hairy nipples are normal for Men... but for girls they usually dont grow hair around the nipples.

What does it mean when you have discharge from the nipples and they are very sore but you are not pregnant?

A clear discharge usually doesn't mean anything. Your nipples are probably sore due to PMS or your period. Check with your local physician. See your Doctor. Any new symptom with your breast is nothing to ignore.

Will a tanning bed make your nipples sore and tender or am i pregnant?

Usually it is before you start your period if you have missed your period an you are sexually active then you should take a pregnancy test Hun.

Do rabbits have teats if they aren't pregnant?

Yes, male and female rabbits have nipples, although they may be hard to find because they're very small under the fur; the nipples of a nursing female rabbit will be much larger and easier to find. Another word for nipple is "teat" but this word is usually only used to refer to the nipples of a nursing mother.

How do your know if your dog is pregnant?

you can usually tell if her nipples and back end has swollen a little also you can feel the puppies moving after about 4 or so weeks that's what i thinkhope this helps

Sore nipples and 2 weeks late for period. Could i be pregnant. I usually don't have pms symptoms?

It's possible. But check with your doctor or get an at home pregnancy test.

What causes prickly feeling in nipples?

carrying a cactus, usually.

How many nipples does a doe rabbit have?

usually 6 or 8

Why are there 8 nipples on a pig?

Pigs will usually have many young, so the nipples serve to feed the biggest amount of young at once.

Could you be pregnant if you have bumps around your nipples and your belly is hard?

Possibly, but the other signs are missed periods. Take a pregnancy test soon if you have missed a period. A hard belly doesn't usually show up until about the 4th month when you start to appear pregnant.

Is it normal to have three nipples?

Not exactly.1 in 50 people have them. Girls are just as likely to have three nipples as guys are. And these third nipples are usually small so it's unlikely that it will develop if you are female.

Why are nipples so ugly when there not hard and pointy?

Theres really no answer to your random thought/question. That's just what nipples look like; either because when we notice nipples...they are usually pointing and hard.

Do boy dogs have nipples?

Yes they do, all mammals have them, male and female. However, male dogs usually have immature nipples. Also, depending on the amount of fur, it is possible to not be able to find their nipples.