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I personally wouldn't want to hazzord to guess whether you are still pregnant or not under those circumstances. There is a wide variety of reasons for this...but I'm no doctor. I would recommend that you go visit your doctor and discuss what has been happening with him/her to get to the reasons for this.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 15:26:29
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Q: Could you still be pregnant or are you having a miscarriage if your period was 35 days late and then came sporadically but had blood clots in it?
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Having a period while possibly being pregnant?

Start of a miscarriage, you have.

Can you fall pregnant after a miscarriage without having your next period?

Oh yes, you can get pregnant right away after.

Are you having a miscarriage if you experience a period with no blood?

Some women while pregnant have cramps around the time their period would come at 8 and 12 weeks. This does not mean you are having a miscarriage.

Can someone get pregnant right after they came of their period?

If you had your period, it isn't necessarily your period. You could be having a miscarriage. So even if you did have your period, it could possibly be having trouble caring for your baby and having him die. I'm sorry :/

Heavy bleeding and cramping whats wrong could it be a miscarriage?

Hello, You didn't mention whether you're pregnant or not. If you are pregnant then you need to go to ER as its possible you could be having a miscarriage. If you're not pregnant then its a heavy period.

Can you have a miscarriage while being on your period?

No because if you are on your period you are not pregnant.

After having a miscarriage 8 months ago my period is 4 days late. Took pregnancy test and it came back negative... am i pregnant?

after having a miscarriage 6 months ago my period is 4 days late.took pregnancy test it came back negative am i pregnant

What are your odds of having your period while being pregnant?

If you are certain you are preggers and then experience bleeding as if having your period, then you may have had a miscarriage or have a serious gynecological problem. See your doctor immediately.

If you had a miscarriage eight weeks ago but still have not had your period could you be pregnant?

Most likely not, you need (should have) 1 normal cycle before it can occur when your prog. levels drop down and you ovulate again You should have a complete cycle before becoming pregnant after a miscarriage, for safety reasons though. You can definitely become pregnant before having a period. My doctor just told me he's had women get pregnant 2 weeks after a miscarriage. It's not recommended because your body needs time to heal and get back to normal. Otherwise, if this time is not allowed, you are more at risk for another miscarriage. I had a miscarriage and ovulated 2 weeks after a d&c was performed without having a period first. However, I was not trying to get pregnant for this reason. We waited a couple months before trying just to be on the safe side. But to the absolutely can get pregnant after a miscarriage even if you haven't had a period yet. You do not have to have a period to ovulate. A lot of people think if you're not having a period you can't get pregnant, so wrong, you can still be ovulating.

Can you be pregnant and have a bloody clotting period?

if you know you're pregnant and you're having a bloody clotting period you should really go to your dr. exspecially if its really heavy it could be a miscarriage.

Can you have a miscarriage after what you thought was a period a week later?

YES if you think that you are pregnant or were pregnant and are having a miscarriage get to your doctor ASAP so that they can see what is really going on and to do any necessary procedures Good luck and God Bless!!!

Could i be pregnant if i had a miscarriage and my first period i had blood spot for about five days?

could i be pregnant if i had a miscarriage and my first period had blood spot for about five days?

What happens with miscarriage at 2 weeks pregnant?

This is called a period, a period.

I am bleeding like normal period at 9 weeks pregnant is that normal?

No. Go and see a doctor. You are probably having a miscarriage.

How soon after a miscarriage can you try to get pregnant-?

After your period is back.

When you get pregnant how many months is it before you miss your period?

Zero. Having a period means you've discharged the ova. If you are pregnant this would not happen unless there's a miscarriage. Most women have no periods after they get pregnant. That is why your due date is worked out from your last period.

I am having back and ab cramps and a white discarge are you having a miscarriage?

Sounds just like a period. Unless you know for certain you are pregnant--then see your Dr.

Can you have a long light period during early pregnancy?

Yes you could. But be careful. If you're pregnant , you might have the chance of having a miscarriage

When you have blood coming down and your period passed weeks ago is that a miscarriage?

If you're not pregnant, then no. It is not a miscarriage. Your period is just screwing up.

Can a woman be pregnant if she had her period after nineteen days of delayed menstruation?

If you have had a menstrual period then you are not pregnant. It is impossible to have a period while pregnant. If you feel that you could be pregnant and are having bleeding during pregnancy you should see a Dr as soon as possible to rule out miscarriage, infection, and other pregnancy complications.

I had my period then 9 days after I started spotting could i be pregnant?

probably you were pregnant and had a miscarriage

You are 3-4 weeks pregnant an have just started to bleed heavily?

4 weeks pregnant is when your period is due, this may be a period or if it is really heavy and you have had a positive test I am afraid you are probably having a miscarriage.

How would you know if you are having a miscarriage if you didn't know you were pregnant?

the sudden force of the contractions and the amount of bleeding is larger than a normal period

What if you had pregnant symptom and was 10 days late for your period but came on and your breast are having milk come out off them?

See your doctor. It could be a miscarriage.

Can you get pregnant before having your period?

NO you have to have had your period to get pregnant