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Q: Could you tell you about how much a bluefield Clipper is worth?
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How much is a bluefield single shot 12 ga shotgun worth?

this gun is at an estate auction. so it is probably pretty old.

How much does Nancy Pelosi get paid?

Much more than she is worth! Wish I could buy her for what she is worth and sell her for what she thinks she is worth....What do you expect from a liberal from a gay community.

How much is a saddle for a monkey worth?

this could be worth some money

How much is the gun worth?

dude not trying to be mean, but what gun are you talking about dude! if i had a gun i could tell u how much its worth, and also you could do it yourself!

How much is a crystal worth if its two cm and one cm across?

It depends on what the crystal is made of. Could be worth nothing. Could be worth thousands.

How much are Manual clipper model 105?

The model 105 manual clipper is currently (2013) selling for under $100.00. The model 105 is a vintage clipper and is no longer being manufactured. eBay has the model 105 listed between $4.00 and $65.00.

How much is the despair from the dark worth?

$2.25 but it could be worth more to some people

How much is a 4k gold ring worth?

The ring could be worth $200.

How often do you sharpen clipper blades?

This really depends on how you are using the clipper blades, and how often you use them. If you are grooming several coarse-haired, or thick-haired animals in a day, you could need to sharpen them after only a few days. Typically, a sharpener gets blades from the same customer 2 to 3 times a year. It does however depend entirely on how much use the clipper blades are going through, and how they are taken care of.

How much could 1 Sen buy in Japan in 1945?

1 Sen was worth about as much as 50 dollars is worth today

How much is a 1803 silver spoon worth?

How much a 1903 Silver spoon is worth depends on what condition it is in. If it is in great condition, you could sell it for as much as $2,000.

How much is Redbull worth?

i don't know the most up to date, but in 2008 red bull was worth $4.0 Billion so you could imagine how much its worth now :)

How much is joaquin Phoenix worth?

Joaquin Phoenix makes 25 million umm he could be worth this much ranging from 25-100million

How much is your Elvis oil painting worth?

Nothing much, there are far too many of them. If it was painted by someone famous then it could be worth something.

How much is a tenth European championship coin worth?

ho much is a tenth european championship coin worth could u tell me

How much is a 50 cent peso from 1894?

That could be worth up to $13,000

How much is a joe montana mvp card worth?

i think it could be worth around 100000000000 dollars

How much is an antique driving license worth?

Depending on its worth, I suppose you could get a Pig or 2 at market for it.

How much is a Larry Bird 33 Dollar novelty bill worth?

if it is unique it could be worth around $100 or more

How much would a dollar in 1912 be worth today?

One dollar is only worth one dollar. The question should be either how much could one dollar buy in 1912 or how much could I sell a 1912 dollar for now?

Where can you find information about a 6-shot 22 LR Clerke 1st revolver serial 021xxx?

Clerke revolvers were inexpensive firearms of questionable quality. There are no resources devoted specifically to them since they are not particularly valuable or collectible. If you need information on using one I would suggest checking with a reputable gun shop.

How much is starry night worth?

Millions. If it ever sells there is no telling how much it could sell for.

How much are WWF autographs worth?

It depends whos autograph it is. If its like the Undertaker's you could sell it for millions. If it's a little superstar's like Finlay, its not worth so much, but its worth something.

How much is longleat house worth?

I would imagine about £50 million but it could probably much much more

How much is the uncanny x men 1 worth in mint condition?

i belive it could be worth over 90,000 $