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Actually I asked this question because it has happened to me. However I just got my offer report from my insurance company and the ACV wasn't affected at all. They went on the cars condition prior to the accident. I suppose the answer here is it depends on your insurance company.

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How much do you get if your car is totaled?

You will get the book value of the car. You will get what the car was worth before the crash. Any previous damage will affect the cars value.

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Will you owe taxes on a totaled car?

Not if you notify you local PVA that the car is totaled and not longer in service. You will pay taxes up to the day it was totaled.

What is a sentence for totaled?

I was most relieved to find out that my insurance company agreed with my statement that it had been totaled. I came out ahead when my expenses were totaled up.

How does insurance decide how much your car is worth if totaled?

Insurers use the "Blue Book" value, and factor in mileage and any previous damage, etc. Just as if it were a "trade in".

What do I need to do if my vehicle was totaled and I had it recycled. What do I need to do?

What do I need to do if my vehicle was totaled and I had it recycled?

How do you determine if vehicle is totaled when burned?

A vehicle is totaled if it cost too much to repair it. Usually, insurance companies determine whether or not a vehicle is totaled.

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What is the definition of totaled?

used of automobiles; completely demolished; "the insurance adjuster declared the automobile totaled"

How do you spell totaled?

The predominant US spelling would be "totaled." The L is doubled in the UK, being "totalled."

Can you insure a car that has been totaled?

Not while still "totaled". Since everything is tracked by the VIN# you won't be able to insure a totaled vehicle until such time that it's made roadworthy and has a reconstructed title.

Can a totaled car be fixed?

It depends on why it was totaled. If it's cosmetic damage that totaled the car (like a shallow sideswipe) of course. If it's structural, like frame damage, maybe. If it was in a flood, it's probably not a good idea to fix it since quirky electrical problems will haunt the car forever. If it is repaired it would still carry a totaled title but it can be qualified with the brand 'totaled/reconstructed' on the new title.

How do you finance buying back a totaled car?

Home equity loan perhaps. No bank is going to finance a totaled car.

If your loaner car was totaled and you do not have insurance what should you do?

get a good job............you will (assuming you are at fault for this loss) be require to pay for the totaled vehicle.........

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What is considered totaled in a car accident?

A car is considered "totaled" if the cost of repairs is equal to, or greater than, the blue book value of the vehicle.

Can a totaled vehicle be insured again?

Once a car is totaled it is gone. Usually the insurance company takes the car for them to sell and get some extra money and if it is claimed as a totaled vehicle I would not recommend driving it on the street where you can hurt yourself or someone else.

How might one dispose of a totaled car?

A vehicle that has been totaled can be sold for scrap and parts through junk yards or scrap metal yards. Also there are several businesses that will pay a small amount of money to take the scrap from a totaled car.

Can auto body shops fix a totaled car?

The definition of a totaled car is when the repair cost of the vehicle exceeds the actual value of the vehicle. Hence, although it is unadvisable, it is possible for an auto body shop to fix a totaled car, depending on how severe the damage was.

How do you know if your car is totaled?

The insurance company tells you. The way they figure this out is by comparing the cost of repairs to the value of the car. If the cost is the same, or greater, the car is totaled.

When is an auto considered totaled by saltwater?

When the cost to repair the vehicle back to good condition exceeds 75% of the value of that vehicle in good condition it is considered "totaled".

Can you rebuilt a totalled car?

You can, but totaled means "not worth repairing". You will spend more money repairing a totaled car than you would buying a new one.

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