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Just because he is making comments about your weight doesn't mean he's cheating on you. Obviously he's not too discreet about telling you what he thinks about your weight and isn't considering your feelings. If he fears you are getting too heavy for your health then he could have said it in a kinder manner, but because he is constantly at you this guy goes for appearances. It could be an early warning of cheating. 7 years is too long to be engaged and some men are turned off of over-weight women while other men can be turned on by them. The thing that makes me laugh the most is the people that condemn other people for either being too thin or fat, etc., are the ones that should be taking a good hard look at themselves in the mirror! No one has the right to keep making constant comments about their partner's weight. If he really cared he could say he'd help you and the two of you could start jogging together, biking or working out at a gym. The fact he's hurting you is a red flag that this guy needs a good swift kick in the butt! Whether women are slim, too thin, fat or heavy-set they should make an effort to eat smart, do some type of exercising (even just fast walking with a friend) and keeping their appearances up within reason. Too many women out there seem to be letting themselves go. No one has to be a #10, but if we, as women don't strive to be the best we can be with what we have then we are letting ourselves down and no one else. You need to have some quiet time to reflect on who you used to be. Many people can lose or gain weight if they are really unhappy. I would say being engaged for 7 years is enough to make any young woman unhappy and I'm sure there are other problems in your relationship and it's bothering you. If you feel you are over-weight, then go to Weight Watcher's where you will learn to eat healthy while staying happy on what you eat, drink 8 glasses of water a day (flushes out toxins and fats in the body) and exercise (fast walking, swimming or biking is good.) DO IT FOR YOURSELF! You'll probably find once you start doing this your fiance may not look too good to you! This is a time to tell him to "poop or get off the pot re marriage!" Be independent and NEVER let anyone control your life!

2006-08-15 06:16:09
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Why Is mass constant but weight is not constant?

weight is not constant because it is dependent to the gravitational pull on the referrence...?

Which is constant mass or weight.?

Mass is constant. Weight varies with gravitational force.

The weight of an object is or is not constant?

In a strict sense, weight is NOT a constant. Mass is, but weight varies a little bit depending on where it is.

Why is constant weight important?

Yes a constant weight would be important to maintain or gain muscle mass. Constant weight fluctuations are not a good thing, a pound wont matter

If mass is constant and weight is a force that depends on location why is weight on Earth independent of location?

The gravity on Earth is constant.

What is the formula for calculating weight when you know the mass?

Weight = Mass x (Local Gravitational Constant)/(Standard Gravitational COnstant)

What will the weight of a ball in water be if its weight in air is 2 newtons?

Weight in a constant gravitational field is also constant, regardless of any surroundings. The weight will be two newtons underwater as well.

Would not exit without gravity mass density volume or weight?

Weight would not exist w/o gravity. Weight is defined as mass times the force of gravity acting on that weight. Mass is constant, density is constant, and volume is constant, if gravity is the only variable.

What Is constant on earth a weight or mass?

i just learned about that and i think it is weight.

Would swimmming fish in a tank change the weight distribution of the whole tank or is the weight constant throughout?

The weight distribution is constant because fluids transmit pressure evenly.

Is the weight of a body constant at all places on the earth?

The weight of a person is not constant at all places on the Earth. The weight becomes zero at the center of the earth or far away from the Earth.

Is it possible for an objects weight to change while its mass remains constant explain?

Yes, weight changes will the mass remains constant because weight is affected by the gravitational pull.

Mass and weight are identical and are both constant?

No. they are not

Why is mass constant but weight can change?

weight=mass*gravitational constant Therefore, one's weight on the Moon would be different than on Earth, but his mass on both the Moon and the Earth would be the same.

Is cm punk the undisputed heavy weight champ?

Yes but by cheating.

Does mass affect the weight?

Yes. For most purposes, weight is a constant multiple of mass.

How do you get the weight if the mass is given?

weight = mass * g , where g is the gravity constant = 9.8 .so weight can be determined.

Does constant ice eating make you gain weight?


Why is mass constant whereas weight can change?

You Tell ME!

What should a person do to stay at constant weight?


How do you lose weight before the wedding?

You have to make PERMANENT lifestyle changes to your diet and exercise habits. Hopefully, your fiance will join you - especially if he wants to lose weight, too!

What does a swimmer weight in kg?

umm this is for mymaths so stop cheating :P

What happens to weight as mass increases?

Assuming gravity stays constant, weight will also increase.

Which one weight or mass is changed by gravity?

Weight depends on the strength of gravity. Mass is constant.

Will the period of vibrating swing increase decrease or remain constant by addition of more weight?

the period of vibrating swing neither increase nor decrease by addition of more weight . it remains constant because it does not depends upon weight.