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All about Hawaii?

what is the relationship with Hawaii what is the relationship with Hawaii and the people and culture what are relationships with Hawaii

What is the culture like in Hawaii?

The culture is very pretty and diffrent from anyother you will not find one the same like hawaii.!

What is the people culture in Hawaii?

The Hawaiians are Polynesians.

Is Hawaii part of the Polynesian culture?

Yes it is. Hawaii used to trade with other islands in the Pacific so it was greatly influenced by their culture, and other islands were influenced by theirs.

Did The Polynesians Name Hawaii?

yes they did because of the fact it was an island. and that hawaii inherited traditional polynesian culture

What is better Paris or Hawaii?

I like Hawaii best. There is something magical about it. Paris is great too, good food and culture....but for a relaxing time? Hawaii for sure.

How does Hawaii celebrate their culture?

Hula dancing, leis and surfing/swimming

Is Hawaii apart of the Mexican culture?

No. They are separated by about 1500 miles of ocean.

What does the sun symbolize in the hawaiian culture?

The people of Hawaii have a rich culture that possesses many types of symbolism. The sun in the Hawaiian culture can be a symbol of happiness and good feelings.

Do you need a passport to fly to California from Hawaii?

No. Though Hawaii has a very distinct and different culture than the continental US. It is still a state.

What are the important culture and customs of Hawaii?

Food, hawaiian music and hula dancing. I went to Hawaii and they use their language mostly instead of the English.

What does the shark symbolize hawaiian culture?

In Hawaiian culture, Hawaiians believe that their early ancestors could shift into a shark. Sharks in Hawaii are called 'Aumakua '.

What is the phone number of the Lanai Arts And Culture Center in Lanai City Hawaii?

The phone number of the Lanai Arts And Culture Center is: 808-565-7503.

Why do girls in Hawaii put leis on you and kiss your cheek after you step off the plane?

Good question. Hawaii is a state, but they also have their own culture. I guess it's their way of welcoming you.

What has the author Robert W Brick written?

Robert W. Brick has written: 'Some aspects of raft culture of oysters in Hawaii' -- subject(s): Oyster culture

Why was America interested in Hawaii?

America wanted Hawaii because of its location in the Pacific Ocean. During World War II, it was the perfect place to station warships on the way to Japan. Unfortunately, after Hawaii was taken over, most of its culture was lost.

Cultures of Hawaii?

The culture of the people in Hawaii is Polynesian and some American these days. But before the Americans there were just Polynesians on the islands made of volcanic rock. You can also go to the link below.

Where is the Lanai Arts And Culture Center in Lanai City Hawaii located?

The address of the Lanai Arts And Culture Center is: Po Box 630701, Lanai City, HI 96763-0701

Explain how Hawaii changed from a Polynesian society to a multicultural society?

Hawaii used to be isolated from other cultures and was exclusively Polynesian. As people's ability to travel increased, people from many different areas, such as the US and Japan, moved to Hawaii. The newcomers had a strong influence on the local culture, and eventually Hawaii became more multicultural.

What are Hawaii's main concerns?

Combination of Employment, livelihood, education, reconnecting with our culture/traditions, health, living life to the fullest and spreading true Hawaiian Culture and values which is not always what the Hawaii Tourism Industry does.

What is the Hawaiian culture?

The culture of Hawaii has its origins in the traditional culture of the Native Hawaiians. As Hawaiʻi has become a home to many different ethnic groups in the last 200 years, each ethnic group has added elements of its own culture to local life. Today, contemporary culture in Hawaii is a mix of the different cultures and ethnic groups that make up its unique population. In museums in Hawaiʻi today, there are relics from Kamehameha I's reign. Notably, there are feather cloaks. Historically, red was a color of holy, innate power, and yellow was a color of secular, political power. During Kamehameha I's reign, as Kamehameha proceeded to conquer and unite most of what is now Hawaii, yellow came to replace red as the more desirable color. East Hawaii Cultural Center is operated by the East Hawai'i Cultural Council to represent cultural, creative and traditional arts in Hawaii. Lono - traditional god of agriculture and providence Ku - aggressor god, symbol of Kamehameha Aumakua - family totems The culture of the native people of Hawai'i, called Hawai'ians, who are Polynesian in origin.

What is Ryan higa's culture?

Ryan Higa, AKA Nigahiga, is of Japanese decent. He was born in Hilo, Hawaii and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What is Hawaiis culture?

Hawaii is multi cultural or even very multi cultured. The Asians alone provide several different cultural communities.

What is the Polynesian culture for Hawaii?

It is, and hopefully will always be a constiuent part of the state. Hawaii without its Polynesian influence would forever be a bunch of volcanic seamounts without value except as a potential commercial Coaling station for Pacific Ocean commerce.

What types of art are in Hawaii?

There is a wonderful variety of art in Hawaii. The art includes inspiration from the rich history and culture. There is strong since of historical pride mixed with contemporary inspiration. The local artists use watercolor, acyclic paint and sculptures.

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