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curd is more acidic than milk .Because when milk is changed to curd it's pH value decreases

due to the formation of lactic acid.

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Q: Curd is more acidic than milk is this true?
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Why curd is better than milk?

Curd is better than milk because, the calcium and phosphorous contents of curd are more easily assimilated. Curd contains more vitamins than milk. During curd formation the lactose of milk is converted into lactic acid. There is some breakdown of protein increasing the non-protein nitrogen. The fat globules coalesce and distribute them selves on the top.curd is more easily digestible as it is already in broken form than milk.more acceptable by bodykeeps the body cool and relaxed.The bacteria present in curd make the skin soft and glowing.

Is milk more acidic than vinegar?


Explain why curd forms when milk sours?

The curd is the fat in the milk that sticks together. ------------------------------------------------------------------- I think it is the proteins rather than the fat that are responsible for the formation of curd - after all you can get fat free curd cheese.

Is coffee an acidic?

yes. coffee has a ph of 5, which makes it slightly more acidic than milk, and slightly less acidic than tomato juice.

Why do you think Curd sets faster in summer than in winter?

The bacteria (Lactobacillus) needs warmth to convert milk to curd. So the setting of curd is faster in summer.

What does that mean If someone says that coffee is more acidic than milk?

It means that a coffee has more flavor

When milk is converted into curd what happens to its entropy?

Entropy is just a measure of the disorder of a sibstance... I prefer to think of it as more chaotic or less... gases have higher chaos... solids the least... To answer your question, curd is a lot thicker than milk.... So it's entropy should be more stable... ie entropy decreases....

Is half and half an acid?

Milk has a pH of 6(slightly more acidic than pure water). So I would guess half and half to be slightly more basic than milk.

Can you still use a curdled cream sauce?

There are many benefits with curd. 1. Curd gets digested easily than milk. 2. The minerals of curd calcium and phosporous gets easily absorbed in human body very easily. 3. The vitamins are also more in curd than in milk. Recipes can also be prepared with curd. Please do follow the link for more recipes.

What is the difference in PH of water and pH of milk?

Water is completely neutral (7) whereas milk is ever so slightly acidic. Some milks are more acidic than others (but only by a little bit, eg processed milk will be more acidic) and you'll sometimes find that tap water isn't exactly neurtral, depending on how much chemical and dirt and stuff you have in it.

Is water more acidic than phenol?

No. Phenol is far more acidic than water.

Is a lemon more acidic than a grapefruit?

a lemon is more sour than a grapefruit because it is more acidic.