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Cylinder head tightening sequence for Vauxhall Vectra?

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The cylinder had bolt tightening sequence should begin by tightening the head bolts on each end of the head. Tighten the center head bolts. Work towards each end of the head, alternating back and forth.

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On the cylinder head (gearbox end), under the vacuum pump.

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The Vauxhall Vectra was sold under that name in the United Kingdom, where it was also sold as the Vauxhall Cavalier. In Australia it went by the name of Holden Vectra.

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The clutch slave cylinder on a Vectra,is described by Vauxhall as a central release assembly.The release bearing and hydraulic cylinder are a common unit which are replaced together,I don't think any service parts are available.It is secured to the gearbox with 3 bolts and the pressure pipe.Unfortunately you have to remove the whole transmission for access.

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if you mean the timing belt has not been set up correctly, you will damage the valves in the cylinder head

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There is a 'How To' on one of the Vauxhall owners websites. 'Vauxhall Vectra Owners Club 'Vectra Sport 'Vauxhall Owners club "Vauxhall Cavalier owners club but open to other vauxhall owners Same if you own Holden or Opel version Don Sutton

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