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Science has three branches - Physics, that deals with matter,energies and machines. Biology which deals with life, living things, etc. Chemistry which deals with chemicals,elements and other states of matter.

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What are branches of science give the meaning of each branches?


What are the 15 branches of science with their meaning?


What is the Meaning of main branches of science?

The main branches of science mean that there are main areas of science. These areas include biology, chemistry, and physics.

What is meaning emmerate the branches of it?

The correct term is enumerate and not emmerate. The meaning of enumerate the branches of it is to mention the branches of science one by one, or to list them. It means to establish the number of branches of science, which include the major groups of social sciences and natural sciences.

Different branches of science with meaning?

biology-study of life

Sub-branches of life science with their meaning?

to live work then die.

What is 10 branches of science?

"What is 10 branches of science?"

Major branches of science?

the two major branches of science are biological science and natural science. these two are divided into many branches.

What are the 3 branches of biological science?

What are the branches of Science under Biological Science?

Give 10 Branches Of Physical Science and meaning?

please go to another site.

What are the ten branches of science with their definitions?

There are not ten branches of science, there are only three. Natural science, social science, and formal science are the only branches. Everything else is a division of one of these three branches.

What the four branches of science?

The four branches of science are the Environmental-science, Earth-science, Life-science, and physical-science.

What is the 3 division and the branches of science?

3 branches of science: Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science : )

What is the most branches of science?

There are three branches in science. It is the natural, social and applied science.

What are the two main branches of science?

the two main branches of science is natural science, and muncar science.

Meaning of mechanics physics branches of sciences?

Mechanics is one of the branches of science concerned with the behavior of physical bodies when subjected to force or displacement.

What is the meaning of biological sciences?

it is a part of science,,that help us also.. this is the meaning of Physical Science: Physical Science-is an encompassing term for the branches of natural science that study non-living things system, in contrast to the biological sciences.

Number of branches of earth science?

four branches of earth science

Can you give me some branches of science?

can you give me some branches of science?

What are the limitations of the branches of science?

non of the branches of science discuss about love

What are the branches of science which are related to earth science?

what are the branches of science

What are the three major branches of science?

The 3 main branches of science are: Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.

What are the branches of integrated science?

the branches of integrated science are physics,chemistry,biology

What are the two general branches of science?

what ism the two general branches of science

3 sub branches of applied science?

what are the sub branches Of applied science

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