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Tablet hardness testing became available in the 1930's. Tablet hardness testing, is a technique used by the pharmaceutical industry to test the breaking point for the use, transportation, and storage of supplies.

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What is tablet hardness and friability?

what is the tblet hardness,what is its unit ,we aply hydraulic pressure on tablet compression mchine but in result we gain hardness on tablet,how the pressure is converted into hardness unit. Friability refers to the ability of the compressed tablet to avoid fracture and breaking apart during transport.

Factors affecting hardness of tablet?

wetting agent, aggulatinating, charactersof tablet

What is tablet hardness range?

5kp to 8kp

What is ideal hardness for tablet?

Green lantern sinestro

What is correlation between tablet hardness unit N and Kp?

tablet hardness units Kp and N has co-relation as below. Kp (kiloponds) = 10 N (Newton)

What the definition of hardness?

this dick

What is the definition for the hardness of a mineral?

you can identify a mineral by determining the streak. juster and fracture and you can determine the hardness by using the Mohs Hardness scale

Definition of aromatic compound?

Water hardness

What is the definition of an iPad?

It is a tablet computer.

Hydraulic pressure on tablet compression machine but in result gain hardness on tablet how the pressure is converted into hardness unit?

In the tablet compression machine main principle is compressing the upper & lower puch in a die hole . the hydraulic pressure plays a key role if we increase the hydra. pressue more compressing force on tablet then it becomes more hard.

Definition of hardness?

How resistant something is to being scratched or marked.

How hard is diamond?

It is a 10 on the Moh hardness scale. This is very convenient as diamond is the definition of 10 on that particular hardness scale.

What diamonds streak?

Diamonds are the hardest substance on Moe's Hardness Scale and as such don't have a determined streak color (since streak is determined usually by a clay tablet of hardness ~3)

What words definition defines the hardness of rocks and minerals?

Moh's Scale of hardness mnemonic:- "The Girls Can Flirt And Other Queer Things Can Do"

Can you connect a high definition TV to a nook tablet?


Will a mineral with a hardness of 6 scratch a mineral with a hardness more then 6?

The Mohs scale of hardness goes from 1-10 in order of relative hardness. Knowing that, you know that anything more than 6 will be harder than 6 because that is the definition of "more than."

What is the definition of immediate release tablet?

An immediate release tablet is a pill that acts without delay. In other words a stupid fast acting med. :)

What are the hardest natural substances?

Diamond, which is an allotrope of carbon. It is 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, by definition.

What is the definition for Moh' s Hardness Scale?

a scale that ranks ten minerals from softest to hardest

What is the definition of tempering?

To improve the hardness and elasticity of metal by re-heating and cooling. Or, a mental condition of moderation and calm

How much does it cost to buy an eight inch Android tablet?

This will totally depend of the features you want from the tablet. For example, screen definition, battery life and brand. You can get one as cheap as $110.

What is the hardness of clay?

The hardness of clay is the hardness

The hardness of iron?

Hardness is measured in three types viz., Moh's hardness, Brinnel hardness and Vicker' hardness. Hardness of Iron is, 1) Moh's Hardness-4, 2) Brinnel Hardness-490 Mpa, 3) Vicker's Hardness-608 Mpa

Definition of matrix tablet?

its the type of tablet which is designed such that it releases it contents regarding first order kineticks or zero order kinetics due to special arrangement and combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic polymers as an excipient to form a matrix. example of such a matrix tablets are, controlled release tablet, sustained released tablet. these all come under the category of modified release tablet. by wrupesh(9558919292)

What is the definition of computer input devices?

mice, keyboards, touchpad, graphic tablet, joystick etc. you input stuff on them!