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Speaking skills are the skills used for communicating with speech. Pronunciation, enunciation, clarity, pace, projection, and expression are speaking skills. Learning to use eye contact when speaking is another skill used in communication.

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Speaking skills refer to the ability to effectively communicate verbally, conveying ideas, information, and emotions clearly and fluently. These skills involve elements such as articulation, intonation, pace, and nonverbal cues, and are essential for effective interpersonal communication in various settings. Practicing and honing speaking skills can enhance one's confidence, persuasiveness, and ability to connect with others.

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Speaking skill is the art of communications and one of 4 productive skill, that must mastered in learning foreign language. Good speaking skills is the act of generating words that can be understood by listeners. A good speaker is clear and informative.

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Q: Definition of speaking skills
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Speaking skills involve articulation, pronunciation, fluency, and intonation. The ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and confidently is a key aspect of speaking skills. Nonverbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions, also play a role in conveying the message accurately.

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