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Convention which was also known as the Philadelphia Convention.

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Delegates from most of the states met in Philadelphia for what?

The stated purpose was to fix the Articles of Confederation.

How many delegates attended the Philadelphia Convention in 1787?

The Constitutional (Federal) Convention which met in Philadelphia on May 25, 1787, was represented by 12 states which had selected a total of 55 delegates to attend the meeting. Most of the delegates were, by virtue of their wealth and education, very influential people in their home states. Only two, Alexander Hamilton and Roger Sherman, could be said to represent the self-made man in the United States at that time. MrV

What did most of the delegates to the philadelphia convention feel should happen to national government powers?

Many of the delegates at the Philadelphia Convention argued for a stronger national government, as one of the weakness of the Articles of Confederation was that it created a weak national government. The Constitutional Convention was held in 1787.

Did A majority of delegates to the Philadelphia Convention avocate a strong central government?

Yes, most of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention argued for a strong federal government. The convention was held from May 25 to September 17, 1787.

Why was the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia?

The Contitutional Convenction was held in Philidelphia first for revising the Articles of Confederation, then the delegates voted not to revise the Articles of Confederation. Most of the delegates agreed that the government under the Articles was so weak that a new plan was needed. Eventually they made The Constitution of the United States.

What was the most important task facing the delegates to the consttutional convention?

what was the most important task facing the delegates to the constitutional convention

Delegates at the constitutional convention wrote the set of government rules that is still used today true or false?

Most of the provisions written by the delegates at the Constitutional Convention of the United States are still used today. The way the president is elected has been modified.

Where did most delegates stay during the constitution?

They stayed in Philadelphia but where exactly in Philadelphia is not known

Who were some of the most important delegates at the convention?

All delegates were important at the Constitutional convention. Some of the most famous delegates include George Washington, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton.

Who were the most influential delegates to the constitutional congress in 1787?

John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, William Henry Harrison, Patrick Henry, and Andrew Jackson were some of the most influential delegates to the constitutional congress in 1787.

What did all the delegates to the constitutional convention have in common?

1. Most of the 55 delegates were in the age of 30. 2. Most of the were either prosperous lawyers, businessmen, or plantation owners. 3. Most of the delegates were white men.

How many delegates were at the Constitutional Convention?

There were 55 delegates at the Constitutional Convention in 1787.Most of the delegates were lawyers, merchants, or planters.Of those, there were only 39 who signed the Constitution on September 17, 1787. Also signing was the Convention's secretary, William Jackson.

Delegates from small states most strongly supported what during the constitutional convention of 1787?

They supported a government that had equal representation for all states and had a one house legislature so states with more population wouldn't get more representation in the government

Why didn't William Paterson's New Jersey Plan appeal to most delegates of the Philadelphia convention?

The New Jersey Plan was largely ignored by most delegates because it was seen as favoring the smaller states. It was also seen as not being conducive to the federal government's establishment.

Which state sent the most delegates to the Constitutional Convention?

Pennsylvania sent eight delegates to the Constitutional Convention, making it the most represented state. Virginia was second, with seven delegates.Pennsylvania (8)George ClymerThomas FitzsimonsBenjamin FranklinJared IngersollThomas MifflinGouverneur MorrisRobert MorrisJames Wilson

What is the significance of the Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 is a high point in the history of the United States. This remarkable assemblage of men, meeting in Philadelphia between May 23 and September 17, 1787, created the document that has given the United States one of the most stable and admired constitutional democracies in the history of the world.

How would you describe the delegates to the constitutional convention?

you would have to describe that most delgates were still young men in their thirties or forties with greeat careers ahead of them. some delegates, such as geroge Washington and James Madison would go on to become presidents of the united states which is going to be their careers.

Which states have the most delegates?

California, New York, Texas, Florida

What was the capital of the American Colonies during most of the Revolutionary War?

Philadelphia was the capitol of the United States until Washington, D.C. was established in December, 1800. Philadelphia housed both Continental Congresses and the Constitutional Congress, and was where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written.

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