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We know that same blood passes two times through the heart i.e. 1) blood from heart to the lungs and 2) lungs to the heart for circulation in body. That's why circulation of blood in human beings is called double circulation.

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Q: Describe why the circulation in humans is called double circulation?
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Describe double circulation in human beings .why is it necessary?

In double circulation there is complete segregation of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. Because of this the blood passes twice through the heart in one cycle of circulation hence the name double circulation. This is necessary for optimum oxygen utilization as humans are warm blooded animals and need extra energy to maintain their body temperature

In humans circulation is carried out by the liquid is called?

That would be blood.

In humans circulation is carried out by liquid called?

That would be blood.

In humans circulation is carried out by the liquid called?

That would be blood.

What is double circulation and why is it necessary?

mammals have double circulation which means that during one circulation blood passes twice through the heart. It is necessary because double circulation is important in humans because it keeps oxygenated and deoxygenated blood separate and moreover it circulate blood to organs efficiently.

Of What importance is double circulation in humans?

double circulation means blood flows through the heart twice. first circulation is completed when deoxygenated blood is brought to heart and is further pumped to lung for oxygenation. the second circulation pathway is from lungs to heart and then back to the body. so double circulation is important as it helps in oxygenation of blood.

What are the two types of blood circulation in humans?

If I circulation in humans is no how can one improve it

What is the human blood circulation?

Mammalian heart including man is two pumps in one consisting of four chambers. Humans have an efficient double circuit circulation i.e., pulmonary and systemic.

What happens when coronary circulation is prevented in humans?

When coronary circulation is prevented in humans the result is a heart attack. The function of the coronary circulation is to nourish tissues of the heart.

Why do humans have a double circulation system?

if they had one circulatory system the blood will no flow to the rest of the body, thus getting loss of blood and death

How is circulation similar in humans to circulation in plants?

What results when coronary circulation is prevented in humans?

to die

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