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Descriptions of Bertha Crow in the Westing Game?



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This is Sandy McSouther's entry of Crow in The Westing Game: "CROW Berthe Erica Crow. Age: 57. Mother died at childbirth, raised by father (deceased). Education: 1 year of high school. Married at 16, divorces at 40. Ex-husband's name:Windy Windkloppel. Hospital records: problems related to chronic alcoholism. Police record: 3 arrests for vagrancy. Gave up drinking when she took up religion. Started the Good Salvation Soup Kitchen on Skid Row. Works as cleaning woman in Sunset Towers, lives in maid's apartment on fourth floor. Westing connection: ?" -From "The Westing Game"

Also, Crow has blond hair and very pale skin and she always wears black. Hope this helps