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Developments by Gough Whitlam as pm?


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May 08, 2009 2:04AM

he made university free. One of Goughs very first acts was commissioning the build of the lancove tunnel and several other tunnels in Sydney's CBD working to unclog sydneys heavy vehicle build ups. He also created medicare private, a special health care scheme that worked to provide free health insurance for wealthy people of Australia. Whitlam continued Australia's support in the Vietnam War by sending over more troops and enforcing military conscription. (I have read in many places that he ended conscription and called back troops) Whitlam also ratified the Koyto Protocol and Committed Australia to the APEC agreement. He was a strong leader for the Australian Labor - Liberal Coalition. He established several indigenous affairs polices including the paternalism policy and gave the first government apology on behalf of the government