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Developments by Gough Whitlam as pm?

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he made university free. One of Goughs very first acts was commissioning the build of the lancove tunnel and several other tunnels in Sydney's CBD working to unclog sydneys heavy vehicle build ups. He also created medicare private, a special health care scheme that worked to provide free health insurance for wealthy people of Australia. Whitlam continued Australia's support in the Vietnam War by sending over more troops and enforcing military conscription. (I have read in many places that he ended conscription and called back troops) Whitlam also ratified the Koyto Protocol and Committed Australia to the APEC agreement. He was a strong leader for the Australian Labor - Liberal Coalition. He established several indigenous affairs polices including the paternalism policy and gave the first government apology on behalf of the government

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Who was the Prime Minister of Australia in 1973?

Gough Whitlam.Gough WhitlamGough Whitlam

When was Gough Whitlam PM?

Whitlam became the twenth-first Prime Minister of Australia on 5 December 1972.

What is the birth name of Gough Whitlam?

Gough Whitlam's birth name is Whitlam, Edward Gough.

How tall is gough whitlam?

Gough Whitlam was 194cm roughly 6'5 ft)

When was Gough Whitlam born?

Gough Whitlam was born on July 11, 1916.

What political party was Gough Whitlam in?

Gough Whitlam was the leader of the Australian Labour Party.

Is Gough Whitlam gay?

Edward 'Gough' Whitlam and his wife had four children. He is not gay.

What state did Edward gough Whitlam come from?

which state did Edward Gough Whitlam come from?

How old was gough whitlam when he entered politics?

he was 23 years old :) he was PM from 1972 to 1975

When did Gough Whitlam marry Margret Whitlam?

gough whitlam got married in 1942! that s all long time ago!

Where did gough whitlam grow up?

Edward Gough Whitlam mainly grew up in canberra.

How long was gough whitlam in Parliament?

Gough Whitlam was in parliament for three years (1972-1975)

Who was Prime Minister after Gough Whitlam?

The Prime Minister who followed Gough Whitlam was Malcolm Fraser.

Who did gough Whitlam marry?

Margaret Dovey (Whitlam)

Is gough whitlam dead?


Where did gough whitlam die?


Where was Edward Gough Whitlam born?

Edward Gough Whitlam was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 11 July 1916.

How did Gough Whitlam help?

Gough Whitlam made females an equal in the pay so they got the same pay as males.

Who was the prime minister before Gough Whitlam?

The Prime Minister who immediately preceded Gough Whitlam was William 'Billy' McMahon.

Was there a Gough whitlam crisis?

yes there was

When was Gough Whitlam elected into the Labor Party?

Gough Whitlam was made leader of the Labor Party in 1967, and became Prime Minister in 1972.

What is Gough Whitlam's birthday?

Gough Whitlam was born on July 11, 1916.

Has Gough Whitlam died?

No - he is still alive.

Why did gough whitlam end conscription?

cause he did

Did gough whitlam have any siblings?