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The front transmission line leaks, how do I replace it?

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โˆ™ 2011-12-18 23:11:25
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Q: Diagram of 97 Isuzu Rodeo transmission?
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What type of automatic transmission fluid is used for a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo?

what type of transmission fluid used for a 97 Isuzu rodeo

Can the engine and transmission of a 98 Isuzu Rodeo be put into a 97 Rodeo?

yes they were made with the same engine

Where is the fuel filter located in a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo?

Where is my filter for my 97 ISUZU RODEO

How to remove cv axle on 97 Isuzu rodeo?

hoew do you remove a c v axle from a 97 isuzu rodeo front right

Where can you get a stereo wiring diagram for a 1995 Isuzu rodeo?

goto I found one for 96-97 for my rodeo on there!! Good luck the colors aren't right

What is the oil capacity for 97 Isuzu Rodeo?

6.0 for the 3.2 liter

Can 1994 Honda Passport automatic transmission be replaced by 1992 Isuzu Trooper or Rodeo?

i can tell you that a rodeo should be the same and that at least in the 97 passport the transmission is GM the transmissions should all be the 4l30e it might bolt up.

How do you quiet lifters on 97 Isuzu Rodeo?

u have to add and tighten them down

How do you know which transmission 97 rodeo has?

cod p1627 1627pd

How can you tell if your 98 Isuzu Rodeo has a 3.2L or a 3.5L engine?

It should tell you the size of your engine under the hood once you lift hood up look under it should be a sticker or something I have a 97 Isuzu rodeo it has a 3.2 v6 3.5 were not used in a rodeo.

Will a 3.5L 1999 Isuzu trooper engine fit in a 97 Isuzu rodeo?

No. The isuzu trooper 3.5 will work with a 98-2005 rodeo but a 97 is a first gen. The 3.5 is the bored stroked version of the 3.2 with all the same connections as the 2nd gen Rodeos. The 1st gen Rodeos used a different 3.2 with different connections.

What does the RrABS light on a 97 Isuzu rodeo mean?

It means the Anti Lock Brake system isn't working properly

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