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Diagram of 97 Isuzu Rodeo transmission?


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The front transmission line leaks, how do I replace it?

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what type of transmission fluid used for a 97 Isuzu rodeo

Where is my filter for my 97 ISUZU RODEO

hoew do you remove a c v axle from a 97 isuzu rodeo front right

goto I found one for 96-97 for my rodeo on there!! Good luck the colors aren't right

i can tell you that a rodeo should be the same and that at least in the 97 passport the transmission is GM the transmissions should all be the 4l30e it might bolt up.

u have to add and tighten them down

It should tell you the size of your engine under the hood once you lift hood up look under it should be a sticker or something I have a 97 Isuzu rodeo it has a 3.2 v6 3.5 were not used in a rodeo.

No. The isuzu trooper 3.5 will work with a 98-2005 rodeo but a 97 is a first gen. The 3.5 is the bored stroked version of the 3.2 with all the same connections as the 2nd gen Rodeos. The 1st gen Rodeos used a different 3.2 with different connections.

It means the Anti Lock Brake system isn't working properly

it depends on the model of engine, my 97 rodeo with the 4ze1 motor has the map sensor for air intake but doesnt have an O2 sensor for the exhaust.

No it wont work, the 96-97 Isuzu rodeo switches look similar to te 98-02 models but there's a difference.Also used 98 window switches cost more than 96-97 switches. http//

You can get a Chevrolet transmission wiring diagram for a 97 S-10 Blazer from the dealership. Other options include your local library, book store, or auto parts store.

Yes, and no... GM and Isuzu are partners to some degree. I personly have a '97 Rodeo, and am looking to install a bigger better engine, and have come across several interresting facts. The Isuzu 3.2 liter uses the GM 60 degree V6 bolt pattern to the transmission, as well as obviously the GM V6's do. Currently searching for an '04 3.8 liter pushrod V6 that will use my ignition system (coil on plug) and the MPFI.

TIP my 97 4 cylinder rodeo heater not working for 3 days later i found out the WATER PUMP was messed up. the temp. gauge only reached 2/3 of the way up(not even on the red section) but it i blew a head.

I have a '97 and the window regulators for the rear are different from the front. They are also harder to find and when you do find them they are more expensive.

I had the same questions, I contacted Izuzu and it is not servicable by you and I. It has to be checked by the service center by raising the vehicle and removing the bolts as in replacing the transmission fluid. This was on the 97-99's. They have gone back to dipsticks but unfortunately we are stuck with the service center. YES you can do it!! Be careful not to overfill but do as follows to check the fluid. As you don

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I don't know about the Isuzu, but the 93-97 Altimas had front disc brakes and rear brakes were standard drum, or optional discs.

My 1998 Rodeo transmission fluid is filled, by removing a filler nut on one side of the transmission (from below) .. with the other filler nut removed on the other side. When the fluid flows out, it is full. This is what a local service station told me. For a few years Rodeo's did not have a filler in the engine compartment.

Lots of problems could cause the light to come on. First off, check your fluid levels; second, take it to a mechanic.

dirt deposits on the lifters. i have heard using mobil 1 synthetic will fix this problem. You may also want to consider a having a engine flush done. I had this problem with the v6 in my 97 Rodeo with 135k miles; solved the problem for me. price was reasonable.

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