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Q: Did President Roosevelt have a burial vault for his seamless copper deposit casket?
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Where was Theodore Roosevelt place of burial?

Twenty-sixth U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was buried in Youngs Memorial Cemetery, Oyster Bay, New York.

Can you show a picture of Elvis Presley's casket?

There are a couple of pictures of his open and his closed casket available on the Internet. Just use the image search of the browser. Pictures of the closed casket also can be found by searching for pictures of the same type of coffin, a National seamless copper deposit casket (design # 21200), which was also used for the burial of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, for the newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and for the American Muslim leader Elijah Muhammad for example. Funeral pictures of these person show the "Elvis casket".

How many guest does president Cory's burial has?


Where was the place of Teddy Roosevelt's burial?

He is buried Oyster Bay; near his home in Sagamore Hill.

Where is president Taft's burial sight?

in Arlington National Cemetery

Where was the location of president Kennedy's burial?

he was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

What kind of casket was President Franklin D Roosevelt buried in?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was buried in a bronze plated copper deposit casket made by the (former) National Casket Company of Boston under the type designation No. 21260. The round corner casket, which had a hermetically sealing double lid and a velvet interior, was similar in design to the National copper deposit caskets selected for William Randolph Hearst, Elijah Muhammad and Elvis Presley. The famous National copper deposit caskets were seamless, that is, they had no welds nor any holes for fittings. Unlike regular solid copper coffins, copper deposit caskets are neither welded from sheets of wrought copper, nor are they inner copper liners (used inside of luxury wooden caskets). Copper deposit caskets are manufactured in a very time consuming technical process in which molecules of copper are deposited electrolytically inside and out upon a casket form (usually a heavy gauge sheet copper casket). The thickness of walls in copper deposit caskets is typically 1/8" (3mm), which results in a pure copper weight of almost 600 lbs. The complete caskets (with mattress and interior lining) weigh usually around 700 lbs empty - about two to three times the weight of copper caskets made of 32 or 48 ounce (per square foot) sheets. The price of copper deposit caskets, which are no longer in production, was about 10 to 12 times that of simple 32 oz copper sheet caskets. Only cast bronze caskets exceed copper deposit caskets in weight (twice as much) and price (three times as much). Currently (2014) the closest equivalent would be the "Marquis" thermo deposited bronze casket made by the York-Matthews company. The casket used for FDR's burial was certainly not the kind of casket the President had had in mind for his burial. In December, 1937, Franklin D. Roosevelt had written some detailed instructions for his funeral. In these instructions, he had insisted on a modest funeral with minimal ceremonies: the casket should be of dark hardwood and a design of absolute simplicity without a hermetically sealing inner metal liner, nor should there be any "lying in state" with an open casket. Unfortunately, the four-page document, which had been kept in an envelope in Roosevelt's personal safe in his bedroom at the White House, was discovered only after he was interred. Because of that, Roosevelt's body was embalmed against his will also. Fred Patterson of Atlanta's prestigious H. M. Patterson & Son funeral home had taken two caskets to the Little White House in Warm Springs. The choice among "presidential" caskets in Patterson's stock had been severely narrowed both by the size of the late President - Roosevelt had a height of six feet three inches - and by the fact that as a result of wartime shortages metal caskets and casket liners were almost unavailable and therefore had to be replaced by cloth covered wooden caskets, hardwood caskets and caskets made of plastic and other composite materials. Roosevelt's staff had suggested a copper lined mahogany casket like the one that the President had selected for his mother's funeral a couple years ago. Patterson had an oversize mahogany casket on stock but that had no copper liner. Fortunately, he had not yet sold his most expensive pre-war unit, the National Seamless Copper Deposit casket, which also was large enough for Roosevelt. Because of that, he took both the mahogany casket as the copper deposit in his hearse to Warm Springs. The first Lady, after consultation with the White House staff, eventually selected the copper deposit model. She also made sure that the casket, after leaving the Little White House, was not opened again. .

Burial or Cremation?


Why was Theodore Roosevelt exhumed 3 months after burial?

He wasn't. The photos of the supposed body of the former president out on the web are not real, they are actually tinted extreme closeup photos of a 3 inch long model, superimposed into a photo of his actual grave in Oyster Bay, N.Y.

What document did president Andrew Johnson want a copy of under his head upon his burial?

his doucument was of the consitution.

Where was president Andrew Jacksons burial?

Andrew Jackson is buried on the grounds of The Hermitage, which was his home in Nashville, Tennessee.

What did the Romans use catacombs for?

Catacombs were used for burial purposes.Catacombs were used for burial purposes.Catacombs were used for burial purposes.Catacombs were used for burial purposes.Catacombs were used for burial purposes.Catacombs were used for burial purposes.Catacombs were used for burial purposes.Catacombs were used for burial purposes.Catacombs were used for burial purposes.

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