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Did Adam Cartwright die off bonanza?

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No. The actor who played Adam Cartwright left the show but the door was left open, so to speak, for him to return if he ever changed his mind. Thus, Adam Cartwright was not killed off, but instead, left he Ponderosa to become a sailor.

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The writers said that Adam Cartwright went off to sea in a ship to explore.

The script calls for Adam to leave for Australia with the storyline kept open in case Roberts wanted to return to the series. Adam Cartwright is still somewhere out there, down under.

The character Little Joe did not die on the tv series Bonanza. He was the only of the brothers to marry during the regular tv series. Michael Landon, the actor who played Joe Cartwright, died years later (July 1, 1991) suffering from pancreatic cancer.

For a time, it appeared that Roberts' character, Adam Cartwright, would marry his fiancee Laura Dayton (played by Kathie Browne) and ride off into the sunset. But Laura chose Adam's cousin Will (played by Guy Williams) instead. When the next season of "Bonanza" rolled around, it was mentioned that Adam was at sea.

Actor Pernell Roberts wanted out of the series so the writers sent his character Adam to Australia. The character was not killed off so if Roberts wanted to return he could.

The writers were a little vague whe scripting Adam Cartwright out of the Ponderosa. The general idea was he was going back east. Originally, they had hoped to have Adam return periodically but things didn't work out as planned. In later years actor Pernel Roberts regretting his decision to leave the series, but once gone, there was no turning back.

Little Joe's mother from New Orleans died when she fell off a horse.

The main cast we're Lorne Greene(Ben Cartwright). Micheal Landon(Little Joe). Dan Blocker( Hoss ). Pernell Roberts( Adam) all or deceased. But the latter years of the spin off which featured Dan Blocker son, and Micheal Landon real life son, I believe are still alive.

It was dangerous business to be a female interested in a Cartwright man. Ben (Pa) Cartwright had three wives which all died. Little Joe married once, she died. Hoss almost married, bad luck again. It was felt that a woman would have upset the male ambiance of the show so any female love interests were quickly killed off or sent away.

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They were,Elizabeth(Adam`s mom),Inger(Hoss),and Marie (Little Joe). Elizabeth died in childbirth ,Inger was killed by an indians arrow when Hoss was a boy,and Marie died when Little Joe was just 5, when she fell off her horse and died.

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The actor Dan Blocker was married while on Bonanza, but his character Hoss, as with all the men of the Ponderosa, were jinxed when it came to women. Any love interest was was sent away or killed off.

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Wife #1 (Elizabeth) was from New England and died shortly after son Adam was born. Wife #2 (Inger Borgstrom) was the mother of Hoss. I couldn't find out exactly where Inger and Ben met, but Inger met her end with an arrow in her back. Wife #3 (Marie de Marigny) and Little Joe's mother, was from Crescent City, a small town in Northern California, close to the Oregon State line. Poor Marie took a tumble off a horse and so joined Elizabeth and Inger in the Cartwright family cemetery.

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They shipped him off to the east coast under the premise of finishing his education.

They left the door open for his return, Adam either "moved away" or "sailed to Europe" Roberts never returned to the role. Some of the show's staff seen Roberts as rebellious and outspoken about many issues, they were happy to see him go. The role of Adam was the only son who was college educated, Roberts felt the sons were always portrayed as Ben's boys instead of grown sons.

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