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Did Amelia have kids?

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did Amelia Earhart have kids

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Amelia Earhart did not have kids

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What were Amelia Earhart's husbands kids names?

what where amelia earhart's husband kids names

Who are Amelia Earharts kids and husband?

Amelia didn't have any kids. Her husbands name is George Putnam.

What where Amelia earharts step kids names?

Amelia yes, had step kids. But yet I do not know their names.

Did Amelia have any kids?

No she did not hve any kids, she was 39 when she went missing.

Did Amelia earheart want to have any kids?

probably like who wouldn't want kids ?!?!

What did Amelia Earhart love?

Wait! What? I thought that Amelia loved airplanes! Amelia first kiss is George Putnam

What where Amelia Earhart's kids names?

Amelia Earhart had no children she how ever was a step mother to her husbands 2 boys from his first marriage

What were Amelia Earhearts 2 step kids names?

Her 2 stepsons were David and George.

Did Amelia Earhart's sister have any kids?

Amelia Earhart never had any children and neither did her sister Muriel. So therefore the Earhart family is no longer in existence.

What were the names of Amelia Earhart's husbands kids?

George Putnam's sons were David and George jr.

Did Donald Earhart have kids?

There was no Donald Earhart that was related to Amelia. She only had one sibling, her younger sister.

What rhymes with Cecilia?

amelia ameliaAmelia

Did Amelia Earhart have any grandchildren?

yes and no. yes because she had step children. no because she didnt have her own kids

Did Amalia Emma Noether get married?

I never heard of that Amelia, or Amalia ( Greek variant spelling) Aviatrix Amelia Earhart was married once- to publisher George Palmer Putnam. They were divorced, cause never publicized in l935 . I have never heard of the Amalia you mentioned. Amelia Earhart never had kids.

Did Amelia Earhart adopt a child?

No. Amelia and her husband G.P. decided not to have any kids, adopted or otherwise. This was due to their highly stressful (and in Amelia's case dangerous as well) jobs.

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