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yes and it was hard but he got past it ok

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Q: Did Brambleclaw ever forgive Squirrelflight after the fourth apprentice book and if he did how that happened?
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Will brambleclaw forgive squirrelflight anbout the kits?

he hasn't yet. he may not forgive her ever.

Will brambleclaw forgive squirrelflight?

He will later on, but so far he hasn't yet.

Does Brambleclaw forgive Squirrelflight?

I don't think so. Yeah, in StarClan.

Will squirrelflight mate with brambleclaw?

Only if he can forgive her and im pretty sure he will .

Does brambleclaw ever forgive squirrelflight?

I know one thing, Brambleclaw will never forgive Squirrelflight. Squirrelfilght lied to Brambleclaw about being his mate and that Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather were his kits. Brambleclaw was shocked about the truth and never will forgive her with his life.~Hawktail but that's not completely true! only Erin hunter can make that happen who knows he might forgive her... I'm going to begg Erin hunter to make them be mates again!

Will brambleclaw ever forgive squirrelflight?

Well, First of all, you gotta know how hard it was for Brambleclaw. I know all you Ashfur lovers probably think he deserved it, but cut the guy some slack! But Squirrelflight lied to him and that's hard to forgive, at least instantly........ Anyway, In the fourth Apprentice, He hardly ever speaks with her, if he does he talks softly and coldly, and they don't sleep beside each other anymore, and he avoids her. But in a way, he is just getting what he deserved. Didn't he lie and keep secrets from Squirrelflight? About Hawkfrost and their meetings with Tigerstar perhaps? Let's go back to Sunset. Brambleclaw just became deputy and he wonders if Squirrelflight should ever find out about him and Hawkfrost, would she still want to be close to him? But Squirrelflight has lied to Brambleclaw before, nothing major though. Let's go back to Twilight, where she catches Leafpool sneaking out of camp. Brambleclaw comes, says "Was that Leafpool I saw?" Squirrelflight instantly lied to protect her sister. She is way more loyal to her than even her mate! If I were Brambleclaw, I would consider if I was going to forgive her. Lying like that about kits...... I don't know. But if you were Squirrelflight, wouldn't you want forgiveness? Wait, you wouldn't even lie in the first place, would you? (sigh) But anyway, it's gonna be hard for Brambleclaw to forgive her.

Does brambleclaw forgive squirrelflight for lying?

Yes, He decides in the Omen Of The Stars series when Firestar dies and he is named Bramblestar, that she should be his deputy.

Does lionblaze ever forgive squirrelflight?

It is unknown whether or not Lionblaze or Jayfeather will ever forgive Squirrelflight. Considering what happened, it is unlikely.

Will brambleclaw ever forgive squirrleflight?

I believe that Brambleclaw will forgive Squirrleflight. But not for a long while, because of the whole " they're not your kits " thing. If you're wondering why I think this, it's because I believe Brambleclaw still loves Squirrelflight deep don. I think he's just afraid to say so. That's my opinon. Brambleclaw lover17703, I agree, because even when he was in a big fight with her about Hawkfrost he always loved her. But stupid Ashfur got in the way but she never loved him so that doesnt matter. But what I heard is that Brambleclaw forgives Squirrelflight on his death bed which would make it very dramatic and tradgic, and I dont know why, but somehow I dont want that to happen. I want them to get back together before one of them dies, so they can have kits of their own. I really do believe Brambleclaw still loves Squirrelflight and no doubt that Squirrelflight loves him. But it might be a while. I just finished Eclipse but I know all this stuff because of Spoilers. And I am the ultimate #1 Brambleclaw fan dont deny it, you have no idea.

Does everyone forgive squirrelflight in Sunrise?

SPOILER! After Hollyleaf reveals to all the cats at a Gathering that Squirrelflight is not their mother and Leafpool and Crowfeather are their real parents, everyone is shocked. Crowfeather denies it, telling everyone that his only mate is Nightcloud and his only son is Breezepelt. Brambleclaw is upset that Squirrelflight did not tell him they weren't theirs. Squirrelflight claims she was only protecting her sister, but Brambleclaw turns away from her, telling her, "Don't you think I would have helped you, if you'd told me the truth? But it's too late now."Personally, I feel that Brambleclaw is just upset that Squirrelflight didn't tell him the truth and he might forgive her later. It is unknown if the others forgive Squirrelflight, but Leafpool resigns from her post as medicine cat. It seems Hollyleaf is more to blame here, because Cinderheart scolds her, saying, "Everything to do with this leads to more pain." I wonder how Firestar feels, especially since his two daughters lied to everyone? Who knows, maybe Squirrelflight and Leafpool will be given another chance in the next series?

Will brambleclaw get mad at squirellflight?

In Twilight, Brambleclaw is upset that he is losing Squirrelflight's affection Ashfur. They are both mad at each other for different reasons, one being that Squirrelfight basically flirts with Ashfur. Squirrelfight believes that Brambleclaw cares about Hawkfrost more than her or ThunderClan. In the beginning of Sunset, they both forgive each other and move on with their life as mates. Also, in Sunrise, at the end Brambleclaw is very angry at squirrelflight bc1uz she didn't tell him that Holly,jay, an Lion were her si's kits. (Sory about these typos!)

Will Brambleclaw ever forgive Squirellflight about the kits?

Nobody knows for sure, but I can assume he will come at least close to forgiving her at the end of the fourth series, maybe. That is just my estimate.

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