History of China

Did China invade Asia?

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2011-09-12 20:34:09

yes they did


china invaded Tibet and Tibet is still an occupied country subject

to some severe and often brutal attempts at control - china is one

of the last of the "old school" communist dictatorships but is

trying to enter the modern world - but that "old school" mentality

is concerned with saving face and such and solving the Tibet

problem is probably one of public image - with the end of the cold

war china really doesnt need Tibet as it once did (for border

security) but its hard for them to back out due to the stubborness

of its leaders

also if not for the protection of the USA Taiwan would be

invaded instantly by mainland china - and don't forget the Korean

war - the Chinese had a big part in that and they almost won

china has a long history of invasion, including the Philippines,

okinawa, and japan - some of those invasions ended in disaster for


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