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Franklin D. Roosevelt did have a couple of hobbies. He liked to fish and collect stamps. He had collected more than 1 million stamps by the time of his death.

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What was Franklin D. Roosevelt's hobbies as a boy?

Franklin D. Roosevelt enjoyed rowing, swimming, stamp collecting and hiking.

Who was the 32nd President?

Franklin delano rooseveltFranklin RooseveltThe 32nd US President was Franklin D. RooseveltFranklin Delano Roosevelt

Who has the nickname Franklin D Roosevelt?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who was nicknamed Franklin D Roosevelt?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Was there any special events when Franklin was president?

Which Franklin? Franklin Pierce? Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Whose nickname was Franklin D Roosevelt?

Franklin D Roosevelt

Was Franklin D Roosevelt a federalist?

No. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a Democrat.

Was Franklin D Roosevelt in any armed forces?


What president is Franklin D Roosevelt related to?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was related Theodor Roosevelt.

Did Theodore Roosevelt at any time had polio?

No, Theodore Roosevelt did not have polio; that was Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who is the supporter of the nationalist position?

Franklin D. RooseveltFranklin D. Roosevelt

Does Franklin D. Roosevelt have a niece?

Franklin d Roosevelt does have niece

Who was the President in World War 2?

Franklin D. Rooseveltfranklin d. roosevelt

What is the Name of Franklin D Roosevelt?

Franklin D. Roosevelt had the name or nickname FDR.

Why was Franklin D. Roosevelt Handicap?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt had polio.

Who inspired Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Hitler inspired Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Was Franklin D. Roosevelt a friend of Einstein?

who was franklin d. roosevelt friends

Who is nicknamed Franklin D Roosevelt?

Franklin delano roosevelt

Did Franklin d. roosevelt any kids?

yes franklin had three kids

Is Franklin D. Roosevelt on any money?

a dime

Why was Franklin D. Roosevelt called Franklin D. Roosevelt?

because franklin liked food

Who was the first and only physically challenged president?

Franklin d. roosevelt Franklin d. roosevelt

Who appeared on television whose initials are Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

What were Franklin D. Roosevelt awards and honors?

What were Franklin D. Roosevelt awards and Honors?

Why is Franklin D. Roosevelt the nickname of Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Those are his initials.

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