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Yes, there was one incident that Gandhi writes of abusing his wife in his autobiography. This happened when she refused to clean the latrine.

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Q: Did Gandhi abuse his wife
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Who was the wife of Rajiv Gandhi?

Sonia Gandhi is the wife of Late. Rajiv Gandhi.

Did Gandhi chose his wife?

Gandhi did not get to chose his wife.

Who was the wife of Mahatma Gandhi?

Kasturba GandhiKasturba Gandhikasturba gandhi was his wife....kasturba Ghandi

Who was Mohandas Gandhi wife?

kasturba gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi wife name?

Kasthurba Gandhi

Who sonia Gandhi?

smt Sonia Gandhi is wife of late Sre Rajeev Gandhi

Did Gandhi have a wife?


Why did mahatma Gandhi called his wife kastur ba?

Mk Gandhi called his wife Kasturba because it was her name.

How many wifes dose Gandhi have?

Gandhi had only one wife.

Who was Mahatmas Gandhi's wife?

Gandhi's wife was Kasturba (Gandhi).

When was Rajiv Gandhi married?

Rajiv Gandhi married his wife, Sonia, in 1968.

Did gandhi have a wife and what was her name?


What did gandhi do when his wife died?

he cried

Did Mohandas Gandhi cheated on his wife?


Did Gandhi cheat on his wife?


Can abuse children abuse husband or wife?

NO -- Of course they can, anybody can abuse anybody.

How did Gandhi accomplish his goals?

Endure prison time and a lot of abuse

What was the name of Gandhi's wife?

kasturba gandhi

What was the Gandhi's wife name?

Kasturba Gandhi

Who was the wife of Mahathma Gandhi?

Kasturba Ghandi.......

Who is Rajiv Gandh'si wife?

Sonia Gandhi

Who was Mahatma Gandhis wife?

Kasturba Gandhi

What is the Gandhi's wife name?

Kasturba Gandhi

What do Gandhi and his wife argue about on the asram?

Gandhis wife lay dying of pneumonia, doctors insisted that penicillin would save her Gandhi refused to have this medicine injected

What is Gandhi's wife called?

GAndhi's wife's name was Kasturba Gandhi, fondly referred to as Ba by Gandhi.