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Did Gandhi abuse his wife?

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Yes, there was one incident that Gandhi writes of abusing his wife in his autobiography. This happened when she refused to clean the latrine.

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Sonia Gandhi is the wife of Late. Rajiv Gandhi.

Gandhi did not get to chose his wife.

Kasturba GandhiKasturba Gandhikasturba gandhi was his wife....kasturba Ghandi

smt Sonia Gandhi is wife of late Sre Rajeev Gandhi

Mk Gandhi called his wife Kasturba because it was her name.

Gandhi had only one wife.

Gandhi's wife was Kasturba (Gandhi).

Rajiv Gandhi married his wife, Sonia, in 1968.

NO -- Of course they can, anybody can abuse anybody.

Endure prison time and a lot of abuse

Gandhis wife lay dying of pneumonia, doctors insisted that penicillin would save her Gandhi refused to have this medicine injected

GAndhi's wife's name was Kasturba Gandhi, fondly referred to as Ba by Gandhi.

Verbal abuse could lead to physical abuse or even to fatality! If you are in a marriage that has no love - get out!

His wife/mum, at the same time.

Yes. He fell in love with her.

Gandhi and his wife had five children all boys.Their first child died in infancy, Harilal Gandhi was born in 1888, Manilal Gandhi was born in 1892, Ramdas Gandhi was born in 1897 and Devas Gandhi was born in 1899

Yes, He had a wife at 13. Also manny lovers... He was a bit of a manho.

Abuse of wife is considered to be a crime in many countries.The president was accused of abuse of power.

Unfortuantley that is true. However ther are many men who had abusive fathers who have never touch their wife in anger. Likewise there are men who were never hit by their father who do abuse their wife.

India...Mohandas Gandhi was killed by Nathuram Godse. Mohandas Gandhi's wife's name was Kasturibai. Gandhi's names were Mohandas Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi.

Yes, he beat his wife when both of them were in South Africa. He clearly noted this point in his autobiography.

Because it is trying to impose your will through physical force... that's what abuse *is.*

Mohhondes Karamchand Gandhi live with his parents Karamchand (father) and Putlibai (mother) Gandhi.. he married his wife Kasturbai and continued to live with his parents until two years later when his father died... this is when Gandhi left home...

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