Did God create Day or Night first?

In the beginning of the bible God says "Let there be light", but it doesnt say that he created dark. There was nothing at first, so we may assume that it was dark. So the answer, i think is Day.

Answer 2Scientifically speaking, Day and Night are caused by the rotation of the Earth where every 24 hours the Earth will revolve 360 degrees. The Earth is separated into 24 parts known as hours, and these parts are used as to determine what part of the day it is. So we see that the place that the Sun is hitting the Earth is the Day and the other side is the night.

Now religiously speaking, God says "Let there be light" in the world of darkness. Thus we can base our answer off of 2 assumptions.

1. The world was never bright until God made it so

2. God made darkness first.

Science speaks for itself, but if we are talking about religion as this topic is fielded under, then my two points as stated above will provide the possible choices

Until God created light of day, in Genesis 1:3, there was eternal, uncreated darkness, which does not seem to meet our usual definition of night as a defined period of darkness at the end of each day.

The story indicates that after God created the light of day, night followed, to end that first day and then the second day. On the third day, God created the sun, so from this day forward, day and night followed each other in turn. We need not concern ourselves how the author understood God to have created daylight without the sun on the first and second days, but it seems that if 'night' is a defined period of darkness, there had to be light first. Therefore, according to this Genesis account, God created day before night.

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According to tradition, God created night first. This is implicit in Genesis ch.1. Prior to that, there was neither light nor darkness, since God created the universe from nothing, including space and time.